SPOT+ is the networking and conference part of SPOT Festival – the annual meeting place for the business professionals from the Danish and international music industry. SPOT+ is produced by Promus and SPOT Festival with the aim of creating the perfect meeting place for music industry professionals through an organized conference with seminars, panels, presentations, workshops, and networking opportunities.

The Radisson BLU hotel in Aarhus is the meeting place where you get the opportunity to meet new and old partners, gain new insights, strengthen your business relationships, and expand your network. We are excited to welcome you to the annual music industry summit in Aarhus – SPOT+ 2024, May 3rd-4th

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About Promus

Promus is the community and networking center for both the music industry and the musicians in Denmark. Located in Aarhus, our main objective is to focus on the city’s rich tradition for new music talent, but also to support, motivate, and help new businesses get a footing in the music industry of tomorrow. We see ourselves as the link between the established music industry and the new emerging talent – not only in Aarhus, but throughout the country.

For interest in contributing to the SPOT+ 2024 programme, contact Jesper Marshal at