For more than 25 years, SPOT has been a central tool for showcasing new Danish and Nordic music – locally, nationally as well as internationally.

SPOT’s board ensures that the festival is organized, run and evaluated efficiently and appropriately both artistically and professionally.

The aim is to ensure the greatest possible visibility of the Danish and Nordic music potential to anyone interested in the Danish/Nordic music scene.

A partial goal is to stimulate the Danish music scene’s artistic and professional development and we see SPOT as a stepping stone – not an end goal in itself.
SPOT+ functions as an add-on to the festival, which contributes to networking and development of know-how and best practices in the music industry.

We have chosen to pursue goals and objective-setting through a wide range of communication methods, which also apply to the selection procedures for the individual years’ repertoire. In this way, we achieve a solid breadth and diversity in the program, which we see as a quality – not least because SPOT thereby contributes to focus on the breadth and quality of the Danish music scene.

In practice, we have chosen to put together the program via specific application procedures and through collaborations with a large number of organizations, agencies, genre specific communities etc. on the music scene.

Each year we want about 50% of the artists that SPOT directly books to be debutants – but we also want there to be room for artists and bands who work seriously on their careers over a long period of time, just as we want to develop new concert formats and constellations of collaborations.

Each year we set up a new jury to work with the applications sent to the festival to ensure a freshness in the assessment of debutant applications.



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SPOT Festival works ambitiously and continuously with the objective of QUALITY, DIVERSITY, EQUALITY & INCLUSION in music life.

Every year SPOT Festival presents the audience and guests with a selection of the latest Danish and Nordic music productions – based on the curation of artistic talent with respect for diversity across gender, age, sexuality, styles and geography.

We work for equal opportunities – and access – to work with music.

SPOT Festival focuses on all parts of the music industry – and prioritizes the latest music production.

Through the SPOT+ format, SPOT wants to keep a continuous focus on artistic, cultural, business and social issues and topics of importance for the dynamic development of music and the music industry. The purpose is to ensure as much equal access as possible to music-related knowledge sharing on SPOT+.

SPOT Festival wants to strengthen international knowledge of Danish music with its showcase and networking platforms.

Through the festival format, SPOT Festival also seeks to support the individual citizen’s equal access to new Danish music.