SPOT Festival has joined the Keychange Movement

Diversity in the music industry is a hot topic, especially when you take a look at how the music business is going to evolve over the next many years. For some it is the most natural aspect if you work in music while for others it is still something that you would rather not talk about.

At SPOT we have chosen to take part in a more diverse music business – more precisely we have signed a Keychange Pledge to promote and work for more gender representation.

Keychange is a new global network and a movement which works towards a total reconstruction of the music industry where the goal is to achieve balance in gender representation. With founding partners like our festival colleagues at ReeperBahn Festival, and PRS Foundation and Musikcentrum Öst, Keychange wants to create a better and more inclusive music industry for the current and future generations. According to Keychange Pledge coordinator, Francine Gorman, the change must accelerate as a result of the Keychange work that amongst others consists of a talent program and the Keychange Pledges – a pledge to contribute positively to the change.

In SPOT we have seen an organic change in the recent years when it comes to gender balance, especially in the artists that apply throughout our application round and that is a change that we want to support even more. That is why you’ll now find SPOT Festival amongst the Keychange Pledges – a group that only grows bigger.

According to SPOTs leader, Gunnar K. Madsen, there wasn’t much to think about when presented with the opportunity to become a Keychange Pledge.

“For SPOT it is important to support initiatives that we trust have a positive impact and which can strengthen the diversity in the music business in a constructive way. At SPOT there has always been quite much diversity in our repertoire – maybe because we aren’t a commercial gatekeeper and because we always have seen artistic renewal and diversity as a core purpose in our communication and work”, tells Gunnar K. Madsen.

Keychange is an important initiative, a useful tool and a movement that must be supported. As a part of the 500 current pledges of festivals and organisations, we look forward at SPOT to contribute even more positively to the changes to come and see what Keychange can do for the music industry as a whole.  


Stars, talents, and a new collab: 9 names added to the SPOT 2021 poster!

Even though we are no way near done with announcing artists yet, the poster is starting to look pretty damn sharp, if we may say so ourselves. In the midst of the summer and football euphoria, we’re sprinkling stardust all over the poster – so much, you can see it sparkling in the summer sun. 

Selina Gin, who we know and love from Nelson Can, will be presenting her long-awaited solo project. After delivering nothing but hits, Saveus will return to SPOT and deliver a show that will generate enough power to light up Aarhus for about a weekend. Calby is far from burned out (get it?) but will take on the festival in top form. The young debutant GR8SCOTT will take us back to the future. The extremely talented Dayyani will spellbind us. Pauline will knock you off your feet and hit you right in the heart, as she has already done with us. Soon will go straight from SPOT to an international breakthrough. The absolutely brilliant Kh Marie will deliver a performance that you’ll never forget. And last, but not least, a new and exciting collab, DAWN – Århus Sinfonietta x Bona Fide, will be showcased at SPOT, hovering around subjects such as longing and magic, faith, hope, and love – always with the rising sea in the horizon.

As soon as Denmark has won the European championship, September can’t come fast enough!

The names for SPOT Metal are ready!

SPOT Festival puts a spot on metal!

It’s gonna get wild, it’s gonna get loud, it’s gonna get heavy – og there’s gonna be loads of talent when SPOT Metal once again takes Train. 

The Danish metal scene has never seen better days than right now. One success after another is being spit and growled out – and the strongest characteristics about the Danish metal scene right now is that it is possible to collect a very strong line-up nomather if you’re interested in death, black, thrash or sludge. 

This has not passed our noses and that is also why we are quite proud to once again present SPOT Metal in strong and close collaboration with our good friends from Train and MXD – Music Export Denmark. At SPOT 2021 there will be a specific day at Train reserved for Danish metal which rumbles off at 666 kilometers per hour.

The ambition is clear: we must put a spot on a selection of the forward-rushing musical talents that form the Danish metal scene right now but who will also have an impact on the future.


✦ Date: Friday September 17th,  2021
✦ Doors open at 18.00
✦ Venue: Train, Toldbodgade 6c, 8000 Aarhus C
✦ Entré: 6,66 DKK + fees OR with a SPOT Festival ticket
✦ DJ LEIFUR plays before, between and after the different bands

8 talented acts from The Royal Academy of Music added to the line-up

True to tradition, our partners in crime and almost neighbours, The Royal Academy of Music in Aarhus, have handed in their list of artists – and students – chosen to be showcased at SPOT 2021. 
By now, we can’t imagine a line-up without The Royal Academy of Music, which has been a part of Musikhuset since 2007, being able to showcase their impressive amount of talent present among their students. 

This year, they’ve once again handed in a list that might vary in genre, but definitely underlines that they’re working with the future profiles of Danish music. It’s artists and bands affecting and creating the sound of Aarhus.

Nine new reasons to look forward to SPOT 2021

The sun has been shining, we have all had some very hot, summer days and in the meantime we have cooked up new plans for this year’s line-up which now mean that we have ended up with nine yet amazing musical additions for SPOT 2021.

We talk about solid pop, singer/songwriter tunes, uncompromisingness, jazzpop, 80’s disco, 70’s soul, embracement of loneliness, classical songwriting, heavy guitar noise and an exclusive show. What a bunch of musical treats you can expect come September!

We have even more musical surprises ready for you next week and there will also begin to come great announcements from our partners so keep your eyes on the SPOT-platforms – there will be plenty of news to be joyful about.

More Musical Summer Treats: 9 Acts added to SPOT 2021

It’s hard hitting rock, challenging jazz, unique songwriting, charismatic rap, and genre-breaking productions. It is debutants, established artists, and bands with some of the biggest hits around. Today’s announcement is a group of artists that has it all. 

With today’s package of musical summer-treats we’re reaching a total of 46 artists on the poster – and we’re not even close to being done. Up until (and including) august, we’ll be announcing a long line of talented artists – and as always, we’ll also be announcing our partner program, made in collaboration with our good friends and partners.

That playlist we’ve made on Spotify, right? It’s something else!

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Fresh New Acts: 9 Artists Added to the Poster

The sun is shining, the weekend is just around the corner, and what could possibly be better than a new round of additions to our SPOT 2021 line-up? 

As always, today’s bunch is a great mixture of genres, and we guarantee that there’s something for everyone. They do all have in common, though, that they’re extraordinarily good on stage, and that they cannot wait to be on stage in September! 

We’re not ready for a break in the announcement bonanza quite yet, so start getting excited about new names being added Tuesday next week. In the meantime, find our playlist on Spotify and give it a spin while purchasing your ticket for SPOT 2021. Sounds like a plan, doesn’t it?


SPOT 2021: 10 New Acts on the Poster

At last, summer is here! Shorts, dresses, sunglasses, and pollen allergies left and right.

In a normal, Covid-free world, this would without a doubt go hand-in-hand with huge concerts at open spaces and screaming along to some of the biggest hits around. Though we might have to settle with a summer touched by restrictions due to Covid-19, we’re extremely excited with the number of events announced all over Denmark. 

And you know what? We’re also quite excited about being able to update our poster with one pile of artists after another these days – and this week is no exception. Today, we’re announcing ten new additions to the line-up, and we’re proud to present a solid mixture of established artists and fresh new talents. 

We really, really can’t wait!

Psst! We’re announcing more acts this Friday. 

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Erika De Casier excites reviewers from all over with her second album

Barely a year ago, Portuguese-born Erika De Casier signed a record deal with 4AD who – besides Erika – holds artists such as Bon Iver, Future Islands, Beirut, and Purity Ring. Last month, on the 21st of May, the partnership manifested itself with the release of Erika De Casiers first album released on 4AD – and critics from all over are falling head over heels.

In their review, Pitchfork writes “De Casier’s got a soft voice but a big personality, and even at its most muted, Sensational radiates charm”, while The Guardian describes the music as follows: “it’s music that looks to the past, made by an artist too original to be a revivalist: memories and retrospection rearranged into something fresh”.

As with most of the biggest music zines and critics in the world, CLASH, rewarding the album with an 8/10, doesn’t hold back on praising the gifted singer, who moved to Ribe with her family at the age of ten; “Everything she touches turns to gold. Her creativity knows no bounds. And with her European tour seeing her travel to Berlin, London, Paris and beyond, it’s clear that she is prepared to make her mark”.

Back in October, MXD – Music Export made an interview with Briana Cheng, A&R at 4AD, pointing out that it was Erika’s concert at SPOT 2019 that convinced her, that she was ready for “the support of a full-on international label”. Briana was right.

That leaves us with the following: have you heard Sensational yet? If not, you know what to do…

Foto: Dennis Morton

#SPOT2021: Eight new names for this years lineup

Last week the first 10 names for SPOT 2021 landed and it was such a big joy for us to finally share the good news and excellent music with you that we can’t wait to send even more great acts your way. 
And that’s why we give you eight new additions to this year’s lineup which has already taken shape in the most beautiful way. A handful of artists who in each their own way embrace genres and expressions in music and whom we already can say that you should look forward to experiencing in September.

We keep working and over the next many weeks we will send even more new acts in your direction. And until we once again have news from the SPOT-office, make sure to listen to the music from the eight new artists in our lineup – you won’t regret it!

See you in September!