Name: Jules Müller


Title: Artist Manager

Based in: Berlin

Can you tell us a bit about the company’s history and its roster?

I’m a self employed artist manager and social media consultant and have been working under the name OK CIAO MGM since summer 2020. The main artist I work with is the German-Belgian indie-pop artist anaïs.

And can you tell us a bit about the acts you personally work with at this moment?

I started working with anaïs in summer 2020 and after being completely DIY for over a year, we are now releasing via Believe Digital. Last year we released her debut-EP and are currently working on her next project as well as planning a very exciting live schedule for this year. It’s a super exciting project, also due to her trilingual upbringing and it’s a pleasure to take such an active part in a young artists career.

What was the moment you decided you wanted to work with music?

Since my teenage years I’ve always had a passion for music and live shows, but I discovered the industry side in 2016 during my visit at Reeperbahn Festival in Hamburg. I was amazed with the opportunities in the music industry and decided to start looking for jobs in the field.

Which acts are you looking forward to seeing this year at SPOT?

I’m very much looking forward to seeing Dottie Andersson and Beharie!

Best show you’ve ever seen hands down? 

Recently I’ve seen Olivia Dean live in Berlin and I loved every minute of it!