Meet The Music Supervisors

6. Maj 13:30Radisson Blu Room 11

The whole area of music supervision and music placement in trailers, games, TV-series, film, and advertising is an extremely important part of the music industry’s revenue streams today. That is why we’re very happy to announce the 8th edition of one of our most popular initiatives at SPOT+ – our famous speed meetings at “Meet The Music Supervisors”.

Meet a.o.: Thomas Golubic/SuperMusicVision (US), Todd Porter/Hated Industries (US), Toddrick Spalding/Mob Scene (US), Dan Koplowitz/Friendly Fire (US), Silje Katralen/Ohlogy (N), Connie Farr/Think Sync Music (UK), Roy Lidstone/A&G Music (UK), Jonas Hallén/Music Super Circus (S), Beth Urdang (US/S), Matthew Lawrenson/Dolce Music Supervision (UK) og Jesper Gadeberg/ (DK).

Thanks to Manfred Zähringer/Iceberg Music Group, Ole Dreyer/NMS & Yebo & Max/Crunchy Tunes/Crunchy Frog.

NB: There are no more seats available at this event

Presented by Promus & SPOT+ with the support of Koda Kultur & The Arts Council of Denmark

Connie Farr


Jonas Hallén

Music Super Circus

Beth Urdang

The Selfsame Organization

Todd Porter

Hated Industries

Jenny Aubert


Jesper Gadeberg

Sarah Tembeckjian

Roy Lidstone

A&G Music

Kelsey Mitchell

Ignition Creative

Toddrick Spalding

Mob Scene

Dan Koplowitz

Friendly Fire

Thomas Golubic

Super Music Vision

Matthew Lawrenson


Nis Bøgvad

Copenhagen Film Music