1: Who are you? (how did you get together, when etc.)
We are Yung, a rock band formed and based in Aarhus, Denmark. It all started out as a solo project of our lead singer and guitarist Mikkel Holm. He released his debut cassette tape containing a stack of low-fi bedroom recordings in 2013 under the name of Yung (a nickname his then-roommate gave him). After this release, Mikkel was joined by Frederik Nybo Veile (drums) Tobias Tarp (bass) and shortly after, Emil Zethsen (guitar).

2: What is your musical expression / genre?
We try not to limit ourselves with certain genres, as it often creates an unnecessary label, so we usually just call it rock music. This way, people can come to the shows or just listen to the music and decide for themselves, we don’t really mind as long as we think the music is honest and interesting. In terms of expression, Mikkel’s lyrics undeniably focuses on the more gloomy aspects of life most of the time. I think a lot of our music carries a strong feeling of melancholy, despair and anxiety, but to me, it also leaves you with a sense of clarification in some way.

3: How long have you been a band/when did you start the project – and what musical environment do you come from?
As previously mentioned, the band as it is now started in 2013. We come from a very small rock scene in Aarhus, which since its foundation has extended quite a bit, though the core of the group more or less consists of the same people as 5-6 years ago. Like most other local music environments, it included a lot of small, intense and sweaty shows and just hanging around drinking beer every weekend.

4: What are your sources of inspiration?
Well, that’s a classic question, so here’s a classic answer: Anything can be a source of inspiration for us – art, books, shows, films, incidents in our everyday lives etc. All four of us listen to so much different music, and it doesn’t really make sense to mention any specific artists. We probably listen to music which navigates towards an alternative/experimental spectre if you ask the average person, but we’re not afraid of being associated with popular music at all.

5: What are your main goals playing at SPOT this year?
The main goal is to play an honorable show, which hopefully tops the one we played last time. Also, it is obviously a good opportunity to present our music and spirit to anyone interested – who may not be familiar with us – be that a regular person or a label.

6: Who are you trying to reach – and why?
I don’t think we are deliberately not trying to reach anyone in particular, but everyone is welcome to come see what we are about.

7: Have you played abroad (if so: where?) Do you have any international deals?
We have played most of Europe quite extensively throughout the last couple of years and toured a little bit in the US, including SXSW and CMJ. We also went to Japan to play a show in Tokyo last November. We are signed to the American label Fat Possum Records, who released our international debut album ”A Youthful Dream” in june 2016. Other than that, we have released several EP’s and 7-inches on the London-based label Tough Love.

8: What is your dream as a musician?
To play a lot of shows and keep releasing new music we can feel proud of.

9: What is the most important thing you have learned so far?
I would say that one of the most crucial things we have learned along the way is to try and remember to go with our instincts when it comes to artistic values. You get so much advice and so many suggestions concerning anything from who you should work with, to artwork and economy. Sometimes this can lead you in a direction you don’t feel comfortable with. Also, it is important to buy plane tickets for the right dates.

10: Where are you in 5 years?
Hopefully still making music and touring, it is what we enjoy the most in the world.