TAPE adds a splash of variety to SPOT

It’s going to be a little different than the rest of the programme, when the small venue TAPE opens the doors and presents their part of this year’s SPOT. That’s the promise made by TAPE’s manager, Jeppe Berg, when we asked him to put into words, what their partnership with SPOT means.

By Mikkel Wenzel Andreasen

TAPE has a pretty distinct profile for a venue. Perhaps one of the most clearly defined profiles in Aarhus, and that reflects on the artists whom they present in their partnership with this year’s SPOT.

This year is the third year in a row, that TAPE is a part of the official SPOT programme, and out of the 20 artists they present, three of them have been chosen in cooperation with SPOT. The rest of the acts were left entirely up to TAPE, and that has resulted in a very special line-up.

“Of the bands we present this year, we’ve put a larger focus on the rock genre than usual. We’ve invited one of our regular clubs to curate, and they’ve decided for this year to move away from our mostly electronic profile. So, this year we’re presenting a rock party,” says Jeppe Berg, manager at TAPE.

But of course, it wouldn’t be TAPE, if it was just regular classic rock bands they put on stage:

“Just like previous years, I believe our artists can offer a slightly different focus from what the regular SPOT line-up has to offer – we add some variation and authenticity with our bands and then we really want to show other alternative musical paths and some offbeat music,” explains Jeppe Berg.

Partnering with SPOT Benefits the Music

It is not by random chance, that once again this year the venue takes part in a partnership with SPOT. From their point of view, it provides some excellent opportunities to promote niche genres; incidentally the kind of music, that historically SPOT has championed.

“Our main focus is to accentuate and shine a light on some unconventional artists; our venue is pretty artistic at its core, so we really want to make some noise about some of the many good acts who would otherwise have trouble being heard.”

The partnership is not just about the opportunity to get on a stage, but very much also about the audience that stage can attract.

“SPOT has a different audience from what we’re used to at TAPE. Not that we have an ideal audience, who we believe should come and see our bands; we’d just encourage anyone who want to, to come and check us out,” says Jeppe Berg.

TAPE’s additions to this year’s SPOT programme can be experienced at the venue TAPE, Mejlgade 53, 8000 Aarhus C for the entire duration of SPOT. Anyone with a ticket or wristband has free access to the concerts.