SPOT Royal is the name of a list concerts with new Danish acts, who will be presented on the stage at Immervad facing The Spanish Steps.

SPOT Royal now gives Aarhus, its citizens and the tourist a concert stage, where they will be able to see new acts not just from Aarhus but from all over the country on scheduled Saturdays in the summer months.

The second event is to take place on the 3rd of June from 2pm to 4 pm when you will get the chance The Blue Van frontmand Steffen Westmark’s new project Peppermint B and local psych pop band The Vice.

Peppermint B
Under the alias Peppermint B, Steffen Westmark from The Blue Van gives free rein to his endless appetite for writing uplifting music that encapsulates the feeling of love, the last summer’s day, and little, yet unforgettable anecdotes. The debut album is called “Head Perfume”, and the strong, playful vocals are at the centre all the way while the musical arrangements draw on elements from the indie rock and dream pop scenes of the 90s with a touch of psych – and even a bit of bossa nova.

The Vice
Aarhus-based The Vice sounds like the soundtrack for daydreaming on a hot summer’s day. Catchy melodies and a cool, pop-psychedelic atmosphere grounded in singer Mikkel Dahl’s mesmerising voice have earned The Vice a solid underground hype and international publicity.