SPOT Royal is the name of a list concerts with new Danish acts, who will be presented on the stage at Immervad facing The Spanish Steps.

SPOT Royal now gives Aarhus, its citizens and the tourist a concert stage, where they will be able to see new acts not just from Aarhus but from all over the country on scheduled Saturdays in the summer months.

On the 17th of June you will get the chance to meet hip-hop romantics Bogfinkevej and new rap comet MONTI. The event is presented in cooperation with festival Aarhus Volume, which will continue at Godsbanen right after this concert.

Bogfinkevej is a new group from Aarhus, consisting of Lau (vocals and guitar), Mads (rap), and Søren Karim (rap). It all started with a video from a jam session, where they played their first single ‘Smilets By’, which is a tribute to their hometown. Since then, they have signed a record deal with Universal Music, started working on their debut ep, and released their second single ‘Iben Hjejle’.

MONTI is an Aarhus hip-hop band on a roll. The band consists of six musicians with roots in the same Aarhus music circles. They make throbbing hip-hop with one foot planted solidly in the genre’s early years and the other one in the present. With inspiration from MF Doom, Action Bronson, and Anderson Paak they mix their instrumental sound with lyrics about anything from cigarettes to Asian cooking.