SPOT Royal is the name of a list concerts with new Danish acts, who will be presented on the stage at Immervad facing The Spanish Steps.

SPOT Royal now gives Aarhus, its citizens and the tourist a concert stage, where they will be able to see new acts not just from Aarhus but from all over the country on scheduled Saturdays in the summer months.

On the 12th of August you will get the chance to meet neo soul artist Kentaur and young singersongwriter Nicklas Sahl.

Kentaur’s unique character arises from the interplay of vocalist Marc Bjørn Roland, producer Mikkel Juul Jensen and producer Søren Stenager. The Danish band present a neo-soul that resonates with their love for 70s and 80s r’n’b, and it is founded on a clear vision about including the listener. Kentaur are not interested in riding the latest wave. Instead they explore existential depths and keep their unprejudiced eyes on the endless mysteries of the horizon.

Nicklas Sahl
Music has always been 20-year-old singer, songwriter and guitarist Nicklas Sahl’s great passion, and over the last couple of years that has led to a concert at a sold-out Bremen Teater in Copenhagen, a guest appearance side by side Mads Langer at Grøn Koncert in front of a crowd of more than 30,000. Nicklas Sahl’s music is a combination of insistent pop tunes and personal, insightful lyrics as well as vigour and melancholy inspired by soul, folk and singersongwriting.