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‘The Music Business Is Broken, And I Know How To Fix It’

Keynote: Scott Cohen (The Orchard)

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The Music Business Is Broken, And I Know How To Fix it #2

After Scott Cohen’s keynote we have invited some Danish music industry professionals to conduct a short follow-up and debate on his main points.

Meet: Jakob Sørensen (The Bank) & Sidsel Nørgaard-Larsen (Sony Music Entertainment)

Moderator: Jesper Bay( MusicMatters/DKK)

Presented by Promus & SPOT+

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Meet The Music Supervisors

Speed meetings with international and Danish music supervisors!

Music supervision and music placement in trailers, TV-series, film and advertising has become an extremely important part of the music industry’s revenue streams today. Therefore we’re very happy to announce this 5th edition of our much anticipated “Meet The Music Supervisors”-speed meeting session with a gang of “dream team” of music supervisors from the US, Germany and Denmark.

Meet: Uli Kleppi (Cookies For All, Berlin), Bobby Gumm (Trailer Park, Los Angeles), Toddrick Spalding (Mob Scene, Los Angeles), Amine Ramer (State Of Sound, Los Angeles), Eva Beck (Cookies For All, Berlin), Dan Burt (J. Walther Thompson Ad Agency, New York), Todd Porter (Hated Industries, San Francisco), Mike Ladman (Droga 5, New York), Joe Rudge (New York), Joe Berman (Media Horse, Los Angeles), Angel Mendoza (AV Squad, Los Angeles), Markus Linde (Thag’s Agent, Hamburg), Nis Bøgvad (Copenhagen Film Music) and Jesper Gadeberg ( 

Participation only through application and only for music business professionals. Send your application request with company-info and who you prefer to meet with to – “first come – first serve”-basis and application by Monday the 23rd of April – latest.

Meet The Music Supervisors is presented by Promus in cooperation with Crunchy Tunes & Iceberg Music Group.

Supported by SPOT+, The Danish Music Publishers Association, Koda’s Cultural Contributions and The Arts Council of Denmark.

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Amplify: Let’s Talk Brands & Bands

How to get brand support (panel)

Brand partnerships are everywhere and it’s not just something big artists with massive reach get to do. A brewery is a creative hub for emerging talent and fashion brands print vinyl records by underground artists and support cultural activism. New and leftfield musicians are getting paid by brands without the fans being worried about artists losing their integrity.

But why have massive companies decided to become a player in the alternative music scene? What do they look for when choosing artists and how can you as an artist work with brands, without compromising your artistic integrity and beliefs?

This panels tackles these questions and gives advice to artists, managers and other representatives on how to maneuver this space.

Meet: Nick Bridge (Partner & Creative Director, Girls Are Awesome), Chloé Bernhardsson (Nordic Marketing Manager, Dr. Martens) & Philip Wedgwood (Senior Brand Manager, Royal Beer).

Moderator: Johannes Dybkjær Anderson (CEO and Founder, VOLUME)

Presented by Volume in cooperation with Promus & SPOT+

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WILM – Women In Live Music

Presentation by Malle Kaas/WILM

Women in Live Music (WILM) is a European platform and online community for women working in live music. This includes women working all sorts of roles behind the scene: Sound Engineers, Tour Managers, Lighting Designers, Riggers, Backliners, Stage Managers, Stagehands and many more!

Our goal is to build a community that can strength the women professional and mentally, as well as make it easier for booking agencies, venues, companies, bands etc to find qualified, female crewmembers.

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Keychange – presentation by Francine Gorman/ PRS Foundation

Keychange is an international campaign which invests in emerging female talent whilst encouraging festivals to sign up to a 50:50 gender balance pledge by 2022. Keychange is led by PRS Foundation, supported by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union, in partnership with Musikcentrum Öst, Reeperbahn Festival, Iceland Airwaves, BIME, Tallinn Music Week, Way Out West, The Great Escape and Mutek.

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Let’s Talk Sync

We’re proud to present this 5th edition of our “Let’s Talk Sync”-session.

This year the session is organized and moderated by one of the sync industry’s most powerful networkers, Ms. Tess Taylor, president of NARIP – National Association of Record Industry Professionals.

NARIP produces a string of high-end sessions focusing on all aspects of the sync business – from Los Angeles to Berlin -  so we’re very happy to welcome Tess to Aarhus for this year’s SPOT+ & Let’s Talk Sync-session.

09:55- 10:00: Opening Remarks, Tess Taylor, president/NARIP: What To Expect

10:00 - 10:45: Panel #1: Meet The Music Supervisors I: AV Squad’s Angel Mendoza, Trailer Park’s Bobby Gumm, Mob Scene’s Toddrick Spalding

Major motion picture and television studios hire trailer houses to create the most captivating and exciting and edgy promos possible to sell their multi-million dollar films, series and global franchises like Star Wars, A Wrinkle In Time, Marvel’s Defenders and others.  Trailer houses can never get enough music, but in this highly competitive field timing, production value, relationships make all the difference. Come meet three of Hollywood’s top trailer music supervisors at this special session and hear what's required to get in the door.

10:45 - 11:15: Lecture: How To Pitch & Place Music in Hollywood Films, TV & Trailers with NARIP’s Tess Taylor.

Song placement remains one of the best ways for music to receive exposure and cut through clutter and the competition is fierce just to get noticed.  Back by popular demand following Part 1 of her lecture at SPOT 2017, NARIP president Tess Taylor shares strategies and information sources to research current projects, identify the correct buyers or music supervisors, make contact and follow up. She will identify best practices for reaching out to busy people that dramatically improve chances of success. She will also detail how to form professional relationships that benefit all parties and result in better business for everyone. Most importantly, she will discuss how to make and close these deals in ways that keep music buyers coming back for more.


  • What music buyers really look for
  • How to increase the impact and marketability of music
  • Before the pitch: research, info sources
  • Make the pitch: how and when to make the best pitch, what to avoid
  • After the pitch: how, if and when to follow-up.
  • Make the placement: budgets, fee ranges, types of uses, what to expect
  • After the placement: after-care, repeat business, do it again!

Don’t miss this insider’s peek at the music placement realities of the fastest-changing business in the world. Most importantly, lecture gives you practical information you can apply immediately to make better pitches and land placements NOW.

11:15 - 11:25: Break

11:25 - 12:10: Panel #2: Meet The Ad Music Supervisors II: J. Walter Thompson Ad Agency’s Dan Burt, Hated Industries’ Todd Porter, Droga5’s Mike Ladman, Music Stylist’s Jesper Gadeberg.

Music is a key element to capture attention and no one knows this better than music supervisors responsible for advertising campaigns for global brands such Rolex, Campari, Chase, Cover Girl and Under Armour.  Hear from this A-list of the ad world what elements they seek in music that make it more suitable for licensing in their projects.

12:30 – 13:15  Panel #3: Meet The Film & TV Music Supervisors: Joe Rudge, State of Sound’s Amine Ramer, Copenhagen Film Music’s Nis Bøgvad, Cookies For All’s Uli Kleppi and Thag’s Agent’s Markus Linde

Film and television are in a class of their own as a platform for music placement, with diverse uses in blockbuster films, hit television shows, documentaries and more.  Learn which types of projects have a greatest need for custom cues, cover, chart hits and pre-recorded original songs from this international panel of experts who have music supervised an Oscar-winning film, award-winning series and critical favorites.

Presented by NARIP in cooperation with Promus & SPOT+

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How To Work With Artists in a Streaming World

With almost 90% market share, streaming has become the most important way of reaching your audience. But what are the upsides and the downsides of artist development, international work and live shows. We have invited a group of Denmark's key-players to discuss the different perspectives to these issues.

Meet: Stefan Cristopher Petersen (Phlake Mansion), Jakob Sørensen (The Bank), Lydmor (artist) & Esben Marcher (Dansk Live)

Moderator: Jesper Bay (MusicMatters & DKK)

Presented by Promus & SPOT+

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Dissecting The Digital Dollar

Find out how deals between streaming services and record companies, music publishers and collection societies really work, and how royalties flow from each streaming platform through to artists and songwriters.

This briefing session is based on the ‘Dissecting The Digital Dollar’ reports produced by CMU Insights for the Music Managers Forum in the UK – findings which have recently been compiled and updated in a new book available from Amazon.

This session at SPOT+ will also include insights on how digital licensing specifically works in the Nordic markets, and how it differs from the UK and the US.

Hosted by Chris Cooke, MD and Business Editor of CMU and author of the above report.

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Nordic music export and the role of the manager

Recent years have seen an increasing interest in Nordic music with artists such as MØ, Sigrid and Tove Lo. In order to capitalize on that attention and success, the role of the manager has become more and more important when it comes down to the international career development of Nordic artists.

To discuss this, we have gathered a panel of four young managers from Denmark, Norway and Sweden – all working actively for their artists internationally – to give their insights on their daily work and all the areas you have to work with in the modern-day music industry.

Rasmus Damsholt (ATC Management), Stefan Cristopher Petersen (Phlake Mansion), Karen Norbakk (Mandelbaum Mng.) (NO), Kristian Riffo (Nivy) (SE)

Moderator: Christian Taagehøj (Camp Raven Management)

Presented by Promus & SPOT+

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Let’s Talk Data I: The datafication of musical taste

The digital music industry is increasingly data-centered and it is often assumed that developments in big data are at the heart of the future of the music business. But how do differences in quality and access to data affect the industry dynamics? What are the implications of the emergence of algorithmic curation and recommendation of music for the future of musical development and taste? And how is data changing the ability to make money from music in the digital age?

This keynote reports from an ongoing research project at Roskilde University. It explores the multitudes of different data that are currently being used in the music industries and discusses the potential impact of data on business models, taste and power relations across the music industry sectors.

Rasmus Rex Pedersen is Assistant Professor, PhD at Roskilde University.

Presented by Promus & SPOT+

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With regards to music usage in film, advertising and games, we keep coming across the same deficiencies in terms of communication, knowledge, information, efficiency, and creativity.

This open panel will identify these deficiencies and discuss possibilities how they can be constructively addressed. 

  • How important is knowledge about music rights, how do we educate?
  • How do we open the way for the independent players towards an optimized and pro-active minded synch-business? 
  • How do we strengthen the link between rights-owners and the clients across borders?
  • Do we face the same challenges throughout Europe?
  • How important Is it to understand our cultural differences?
  • How do we benefit from a stronger European music community?
  • The need of a common European platform to generate and curate processes of networking, connections, education, communication, creative and legal consulting, brokering and exploitation. 

The panel presents a wide range of individual professional tie-ins into the synch-business.

Meet: Daryl Bamonte (Publisher, Schubert Music, and Artist Manager, UK), Markus Linde (Thag’s Agent, Music Agent, Germany) Nis Bøgvad (Copenhagen Film Music, Music Supervisor, Denmark), Nuno Saraiva (Lusitanian Music / Altafonte Music Publishing) & Ralph H. Christoph (Head of Program c/o pop Convention & Head of Program INTERACTIVE COLOGNE, Germany)

 Moderator:  Nuno Saraiva

Presented by Europe In Sync in cooperation with Promus & SPOT+

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