Roots&Hybrid – The Goal Is to Expand People’s Musical Horizons

With its foundation in Folk and Roots music Aarhus’ new international music festival, Roots&Hybrid Festival, challenges mainstream music and makes the unknown a bit less unfamiliar.

The organization the turquoise tent and SPOT invite the audience to take part in a festival which celebrates the universal language of music and dance and puts contemporary folk music first.

With a unique venue created to strengthen the connection between artist and audience, the festival makes experimental accessible and new tangible to the audience. The goal is to not only break with the limitative conception of, what constitutes pop music on the Danish music scene, but to also show the value of the music that puts together the many different roots and traditions and people in new and strong hybrid constellations.

The line-up spans Mali to Argentina, through Turkey and Europe to Denmark

With the line-up in its entirety, Roots&Hybrid Festival 2018 covers a total of 17 artists and bands from Denmark as well as abroad. At the top of the line-up announcements is the desert rock band Terakraft and the experimental DJ duo Acid Arab, followed by strong European names such as Altin Gün and Elektro Hafiz and Danish inputs coming from Tako Lako, Afenginn, and Junglelyd.

What is a more, Roots&Hybrid has partnered up with ROSA – Danish Rock Council and Días Nórdicos (a Spanish/Latin American festival with a strong Nordic focus), in creating a world premiere concert. Starring the Argentinian electronic musician, Pedro Canale (front man of the internationally touring electronic group, Chanca Vía Circuito), the Danish singer-songwriter, Gurli Octavia and the Swedish/Turkish trumpet player, Ruhi Erdogan the three musicians will collaborate, write and perform brand new music just for this year’s SPOT.

After this concert, Pedro Canale will play a separate concert alongside his band, Chancha Vía Circuito.

The booker at the turquoise tent, Evrim Citirikkaya, is really looking forward to presenting this year’s concerts, as he believes they reflect the essence of Roots&Hybrid perfectly:

“We’re insanely proud of this year’s line-up. A line-up that is filled with good examples of our Roots&Hybrid profile, and contains artists who engage in musical traditions in new and exciting ways. Over the years I believe we’ve garnered a fair amount of trust from our audience in the programme we present, so even though the people who come may not recognize many of the artists performing, they can always count on the high level of quality in the acts.

Admission to all the Roots&Hybrid concerts is free with a valid SPOT-wristband. Tickets are also available separately for this event. Se more at the website