The Battle of Sync

7. Maj 14:15Radisson Blu Room 11

Five sync managers from top rights holders put their wide ranging musical knowledge to the test in the Battle of the Sync Managers/Reps. They will compete to respond to a brief and an advert (with no music) provided by veteran ex-Grey Group EVP Josh Rabinowitz/Brooklyn Music, which gives the sync managers just fifteen minutes to present a track, and it all has to be done in front of a live audience.
Presented by The Music Publishers Association of Denmark in cooperation with Promus & SPOT+

Josh Rabinowitz

Brooklyn Music

Halfdan E.

Brancheforeningen for Film og Mediekomponiste

Andreas Mølbak Henriksen

Upright Music

Mette Zähringer

Iceberg Music Group


Crunchy Frog

Laura Littauer

Sundance Music