Stellar Trigger: Building global communities through trigger marketing in the ‘Algorithm Age’.

6. Maj 13:15Radisson Blu Room 12

Given the gradual fracturing of traditional media gatekeepers, artists and their teams have the biggest opportunity to reach new fans in all corners of the globe. At its essence, Stellar Trigger works to connect the dots between great music, and communities who LOVE great music. Our approach is to target ‘high quality’ music communities and organically introduce songs which we know will connect. Our discussion will focus around why we choose these specific ‘trigger markets’, how we identify ‘high quality’ music communities, and how we approach creative problem solving and storytelling around artists in digital spaces.
Panel: Ryan Peterson/Stellar Trigger & Stellar Artist Management, Emilia Kumek/Stellar Trigger & Felipe Martinez/Stellar Trigger

Presented by Stellar Trigger in cooperation with Promus & SPOT+

Ryan Peterson

Emilia Kumek

Felipe Martinez