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eee gee (acoustic)
eee gee is the Danish singer and songwriter Emma Grankvist. Musically eee gee moves in a place between the Nordic pop melancholy and the warm Americana which embraces the dusty folk elements and the country nostalgia. The elegant musical universe is both complete and packed with paradoxes and things are rarely as they seem when eee gee wings about anything from self love to self pity. 

The duo BASKE write songs from the suburbs about being young, being caught between friendships and love, and being captivated and dazed by existence. With an immediate and playful approach to music, BASKE creates a universe where nothing is impossible, and where honesty becomes the raison d'être for a sound that blends genres such as pop, rock and hip hop in one charming and thoughtful mixture.

Julie Pavon
Julie Maria Hernandez Pavon Friis is a Honduran/Danish artist who grew up in Aarhus. For the last couple of years, Julie has been working on her solo project ‘Julie Pavon’, a playground where she can experiment with her immediate and direct approach to songwriting. ‘Jealous’ is Julie Pavon’s second single and first international release, and it was used as the closing track in the Hermès FW 2022 menswear runway show in Paris this January.

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