New models for music in web3

6. Maj 10:30Radisson Blu Room 12

Through open protocols on open networks, Derive seeks to explore alternative models for the creation, curation, funding, and distribution of music. Blockchains, smart contracts and tokens - often lumped into the collective term web3 - are the starting point for an attempt at creating new opportunities for artists and labels, in a digital reality where "one size fits all" is the norm and the space for opportunity can be very limited.

Derive is an artist-led music platform where the participants are the curators. Through progressive decentralization of the platform's technical, organizational and curatorial parts, Derive aims to become a 100% community-driven project over time. The goal is to unearth sustainable alternatives to the common digital formats that dominate the music industry. Formats that do not necessarily suit all players equally well.

Behind Derive are the musicians and composers Simon Formann and Troels Abrahamsen who early on saw new opportunities in the growing open blockchain networks such as Ethereum. Over the last few years, they have worked purposefully towards materializing their idea of a jointly created music platform where curation, financing and distribution take place on open, decentralized networks. At you can listen to the compilations that are continuously created when artists take turns in choosing the next participant in the series.
Meet Troels Abrahamsen & Simon Formann / Derive.

Troels Abrahamsen


Simon Formann