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Music Cities Network: Future Visions (English)

Presented by Working towards fairness in the European music sector - experiences from the European Music Business

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In the first leg of this session, we’ll delve into the heart of the future visions of the Music Cities Network - and this in Aarhus - one of the founding cities of the network. After 2 years of existing as its own legal body & 10 member cities later, we’ve brought together rich knowledge & insights that we want to share. We hope to inspire the community & answer some of the questions you might miss answers for. Presented by Lena Ingwersen, managing director, Music Cities Network

In the second leg of this session, we will present one of the major projects within the network. During the last 12 months the European Music Business Task Force, a think tank formed by Music Cities Network and Promus, explored ways to boost the European music market and develop a stronger, more sustainable, and transnational music industry within Europe. In the course of this session you’ll hear about the results and learn about the projects that were created within the framework of EMBTF and how this movement goes forward. Presented by Misia Furtak & Erica Romero Pender, team II - European Music Business Task Force. The European Music Business Task Force programme is co-funded by the European Union


This seminar will be in english

I løbet af de sidste 12 måneder har European Music Business Task Force, en tænketank dannet af Music Cities Network og Promus, udforsket måder at styrke det europæiske musikmarked og udvikle en stærkere, mere bæredygtig og transnational musikindustri i Europa. I denne session vil du høre om resultaterne og lære om de projekter, der blev skabt inden for rammerne af EMBTF.


Seminaret vil foregå på engelsk

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