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Kylian (DK)


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Kylian (they/them) makes Lo-fi bedroom pop, which is based on themes such as anxiety, love and queer culture. They are inspired by the minimalist Kraut movement from the 70s and 80s, where the focal point of the music was synth and drum machines. Kylian wants to end the shame of having anxiety and inspire people to express who they are, despite society's expectations and stereotypes. Kylian will release their debut EP on April 14th, 2023.

Presented by Queer Music Agency

Kylian (de/dem) laver Lo-fi bedroom pop, som tager udgangspunkt i temaer som angst, kærlighed og queer culture. De er inspireret af den minimalistiske Kraut bevægelse fra 70-80'erne, hvor omdrejningspunktet i musikken var synth og trommemaskiner. Kylian vil gerne gøre op med skammen i at have angst, og inspirere folk til at udtrykke hvem de er, på trods af samfundets forventninger og stereotyper. Kylian udgiver sin debut-EP i april 2023.

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