ft. B.O.X

2019 is set to be an exciting year for the Danish band Efterklang as they return to play a special show at SPOT.

When Efterklang gave a spectacular performance entitled ‘The Last Concert’ in February 2014 , it gave most people jumped to the erroneous conclusion that the band was over. In truth, the concert marked a new reflective and experimental time for the band who have since released two albums under the moniker Liima (with Tatu Rönkkö and an opera (‘Leaves’) made in collaboration with composer Karsten Fundal.

In 2019 Efterklang will evolve once again, performing new and unreleased music (in Danish) as well as much-loved songs from their impressive back catalogue. The trio will be joined on stage by B.O.X, a Belgian ensemble renowned for playing new music on hundred-year-old baroque-era instruments.

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