Driving Career Opportunities and innovation in the European Music Industry

7. Maj 11:45Radisson Blu Room 12

In early Spring 2022 the first European Music Business Task Force published its findings outlining recommendations aimed at governments, funders, existing music industry, and individuals seeking to begin careers in music. Much of our European music industry relies heavily on individuals, small businesses, and new ideas. How can this be supported, promoted, and championed in a way which stimulates new talent development to drive change and creates greater opportunities for people to build sustainable and healthy careers? How can we form and strengthen European careers and connections? This conference panel will introduce the European Music Business Task Force, present the findings, share learnings, and openly discuss the role of entrepreneurship and transnational networks in boosting the European music economy and ecology.

Presented by the European Music Business Task Force in cooperation with Music Cities Network, Promus & SPOT+

Victoria Brüker


Jens Karlsson

Heartbeat Management & Backbeat Music