A new festival is going to see the light of day as part of this year’s SPOT Festival: Roots&Hybrid 2017. The festival takes place on 4th-6th May in Ridehuset at the SPOT area. It will be hosted by the local organisers Det Turkise Telt, who have presented modern roots music with the city’s multi-facetted music life as the starting point at the last many Aarhus Festival Weeks.


The SPOT guests will have the chance to see a line-up of acts “rooted in the traditional music of some people or place” who often like to fuse the genres “without being too concerned about stylistic purity”. Diversity, citizenship, and the inclusion of minorities are the pivot for the organisers, who have booked six acts for the festival so far. Internationally acclaimed Omar Souleyman and BaBa Zula as well as four exciting new Danish acts: AySayKalahaThe Kutimangoes og Balkan Basterds.