SPOT+ can yet again present a string of new seminars and additions to already announced ones.

Come hear the panellist discuss the role of the manager in Nordic music export, and what they need to do to stay relevant in a competitive world.

Be inspired by the two presentations on a more gender equal music scene, Keychange, a programme by PRS and supported by the EU aiming towards a 50/50 gender balance at festivals while supporting emerging female artists, and WiLM, Women in Live Music, a European platform and online community for and by women working in the music industry.

Listen to the case study of Eivør, on how she went from the Faroe Islands to gaining a global reach in films, TV and games with sync.

Be introduced to how sync works for the independent players with the seminar Europe in Sync, and get even more in-depth analysis on sync with the addition to the Let’s Talk Sync seminar by NARIP’s Tess Taylor: “Meet the Film & and TV Music Supervisors”.

Finally, the keynote by Scott Cohen, “The Music Business is Broke, and I Know how to Fix it”, has been expanded with a follow-up debate by Music Industry professionals.

See the total SPOT+ programme here: