MXD’s Superbowl – Quotes from the business

Photo: Allan Høgholm

This morning MXD held their traditional networking-event during SPOT. This time the surroundings where not so traditional, though, because the event took place at Århus Bowlingcenter. The event was created for mingling and bowling. Here are a few quotes from some of the business people who attended the event.

Nis Bysted from Escho Records

“You meet all the international delegates, who’s seen the concerts, so it’s a cool way to follow up on the artists. And it isn’t strange that you meet the same people several times.”

“It’s also a great way to strengthen the unity in the Danish music business, and it makes us stronger as a market.”

“It’s really cool that SPOT exists. People often talk bad about business festivals, but I think it’s great for all the new bands. It’s just a good way to gather all at one place.”

“I think there are room for different kinds of music. The entire festival gets more integrity and debt when there a wide range of genres and styles.”

Ania Kasperek from Chimes (PL)

“It’s really great just to meet the Danish industry and lots of new bands…”

Daniel Aude from Over & Aude

“My primary goals are to see a lot of new music and network with other business people. It’s a great place to meet the business. I would like to be surprised and to be inspired by the network and the artists.”

“SPOT has been excellent. It works really well that the festival has moved a bit more towards Godsbanen.”