Meet The Danish Music Bizz: Signe Bønsvig Wehding, Promotion Manager at We Are Suburban

SPOT is much more than concerts: Denmark has also got significant agents in various parts in the music business, and while we are counting down to the festival, we aim to present some of the people you can meet at SPOT in brief Q&As.

This time it is Signe Bønsvig Wehding, Promotion Manager, We Are Suburban (management, PR etc.)

What do you work with?

I work with promotion management and I just recently co-established a new music company, WE ARE SUBURBAN, along with my two partners Jakob Løkkegaard and Tom Jensen. We do management, label- and PR work.

What is your business background?

I’ve been in the music business for about ten years now, I think. I started out as a music critic at GAFFA when I was still studying (I have a masters in comparative literature) and went on to do PR at an indie label. From then on, the ball has just kept rolling and I’ve been working independently with PR for a long time.

What are the most important, exciting, well known, or interesting things in your portfolio?

My first and unforgettable artist back when I started at Good Tape Records, was Hymns From Nineveh. I’ve been working with him more or less ever since. I’ve worked with established as well as DIY artists – all of them incredible in their own way. Our most recent WAS-deal is with M. Rexen. He is nothing like anything I ever heard or anyone I ever met. Look out for him.


What is the most important thing to happen to Danish music in the last five years?

It’s a tough question, but I think Bisse is one of the most important things to have happened, sitting where I’m sitting. To have an artist, this alternative, make his way into every Danish media with his own way of releasing, performing and presenting himself has been really interesting and refreshing.

What are the most important questions or pressing issues in the music business right now?

Adjusting to the streaming landscape and being fully acquainted with its’ lay-out is an on-going challenge for many of us, artists as well as promoters and labels, Smaller labels especially are still struggling to find their way in this new territory.

Which international business people and lines of business would you like to meet at SPOT this year?

Given my line of work, reporters, critics, radio hosts, bloggers and the likes are always at the top of my list. And you know, after ten years in the business and coming to SPOT, there are just a lot of people that you can’t wait to meet again.

What are you going to do at SPOT/what are your goals for this year’s SPOT?

I want to attract as much attention to my artists as possible – and to our new company. I hope to make new relations and find the time to see new acts. This year is WE ARE SUBURBAN’s first year at SPOT, and we are definitely going to make the most of it!

Besides your own artists, which ones are you looking forward to seeing at SPOT this year?

BAEST, Bisse, Ea Kaya, Morild, Moody, Marshall Cecil – the list goes on. So many great acts, that I hope to have the time to see.