Meet The Danish Music Bizz: Thomas Bredahl, Partner and Manager at Heartbeat Management

SPOT is much more than concerts: Denmark has also got significant agents in various parts in the music business, and while we are counting down to the festival, we aim to present some of the people you can meet at SPOT in brief Q&As.

This time it is Thomas Bredahl, Manager/Partner, Heartbeat Management (Management, booking etc.)

What do you work with?

We’re a management company, with an in-house booking department

What is your business background?

I’ve been in the Music Business for 15 years. Starting DIY in a punk band, joining Volbeat and breaking through internationally. I’ve always been involved with the business side of music from scratch to mainstream. Besides that, I actually hold a master’s degree in business administration and psychology, and I teach entrepreneurship and creative business occasionally.

What are the most important, exciting, well known, or interesting things in your portfolio?

We’re managing Carpark North, Lydmor, Jacob Dinesen, Northern Assembly, Go Go Berlin, and Anya – the last two are playing Spot this year. Don’t miss them!

What is the most important thing to happen to Danish music in the last five years?

A rise in interest and work within management and publishing. And then the general and raised international focus. Along with the successful acts who have made it internationally in recent years.

What are the most important questions or problematics in the music business right now?

I think the strict focus on tracks and streaming figures is a bit challenge in the business today. I’m curious about who will be the household names on labels, and who’ll headline festivals in a decade or two from now when old school holistic artist perspective is neglected in search of the next big stream.

Which international business people and lines of business would you like to meet at SPOT this year?

I always enjoy touching base with everybody I know and work with in the business. So, there’s a lot of reunions happening every year. This year we are looking for partners within publishing, co-management, agents and labels. But generally speaking I just like meeting new and interesting people.

What are you going to do at SPOT/what are your goals for this year’s SPOT?

Obviously, we’re looking forward showcasing Anya, who’s our newest artist. Besides that, we can’t wait for the world to hear the new Go Go Berlin songs that they’re going to play at their show.

Besides your own artists, which ones are you looking forward to seeing at SPOT this year?

I think I will go a bit metal this year, so I’ll definitely go watch Slægt, Baest and Konvent. I also look forward enjoying the shows of IAMJJ, Nelson Can, and Riverhead.