Meet The Danish Music Bizz: Jannie Overgaard, Co-Owner, Booker and Production Manager at Over & Aude

SPOT is much more than concerts: Denmark has also got significant agents in various parts in the music business, and while we are counting down to the festival, we aim to present some of the people you can meet at SPOT in brief Q&As.

This time it is Jannie Overgaard, Co-Owner, Booker and Production Manager at Over & Aude (Music Agency)

Photo: Michael Boe Laigaard

What do you work with?

I am co-owner of Over & Aude Music Agency, where we work in booking and management. We also do PR, production and tour management.

What is your business background?

I have a bachelor in Music Management from the Royal Academy of Music in Aarhus from 2014. In 2014 I started up Over & Aude with my business partner Daniel Aude. Before that I was head of booking at a venue here in Aarhus called V58. Since 2014/15 I’ve been working at different festivals as head of backstage, volunteer coordination, etc. Besides that, I also do tour management.

What are the most important, exciting, well known, or interesting things in your portfolio?

For the last four years we’ve been working with Velvet Volume, a Danish rock trio from Aarhus. We’ve experienced many amazing things together; recorded and released their debut album ‘Look Look Look’, travelled internationally for live shows together, and played live for the Crown Prince Couple of Denmark. Velvet Volume also recorded the theme-song for the Danish edition of ‘The Powerpuff Girls’ for Cartoon Network in 2016.

What is the most important thing to happen to Danish music in the last five years?

Personally I think having an artist like MØ break through internationally the way she has, is an astonishing accomplishment and she is truly an amazing role model not only for young women and girls, but for everybody. It’s the same with Lukas Graham. I think it’s very important that young artists have role models like these to look up to and see that anything is possible, if you work hard and put your heart and soul in to your music.

What are the most important questions or pressing issues in the music business right now?

For me personally, I think it is very important that we actually work together to somehow figure out why there is such a massive lack of women in our industry. Is it a lack of role models? A general lack of interest? How do we inspire change in the current political landscape? What measures are to be taken to secure that the women, and men, who actually want to be in this business have the opportunity to do so? I believe we are in the midst of a very paramount and interesting time, and I am truly inspired by all the men and women in this business, and all other businesses, around the world, who are working together to ensure equality for, not only women, but for all of us.

Which international business people and lines of business would you like to meet at SPOT this year?

I hope to meet international agents, labels and publishers who would be interested in working with our artists EIRENE, Favor and PALA. Also, we are still looking for the perfect publisher for Velvet Volume and I know that Jesper Mardahl has invited a lot of brilliant Music Supervisors for the SPOT+ seminars, so we’ll see.

What are you going to do at SPOT/what are your goals for this year’s SPOT?

I hope to see and experience amazing new acts and maybe even sign a few to Over & Aude. We are always looking for extraordinary new talent.