1: Who are you? (how did you get together, when etc.)
We are Masasolo and right now we are celebrating our anniversary. We are all old friends, – most of us even grew up together, but exactly one year ago (February 2016) we released our first single, and a few months later we played our first show, and for us those two things stand as some of the most life-changing events in recent years.

2: What is your musical expression / genre?
Most people refer to it as psych-pop and I think that fits pretty well. We like to create dreamscapes and hazy structures in our music but it all has to build upon the core of a good pop melody.

3: How long have you been a band/when did you start the project – and what musical environment do you come from?
I have been in bands all my life but the last 10 years I have been playing around in the Copenhagen indie and alternative scene (if this actually exists?). We are a group of people that share studio space in Valby and there is no doubt that we have affected each other. Over the years it has been bands like Sleep Party People, Vinnie Who, Cody, Billie Van (NO), Ayowa and my own bands Ufornia and Vampire Blow.

4: What are your sources of inspiration?
I don’t think of Masasolo as pastiche music, but I am very much inspired by the experimental approach of 60’s and 70’s music – its way of experimenting with the fabric of sound over great pop tunes. There are records from that period that I always return to.
Other than that I have a soft spot for Michael Jackson, and one way I can always tell if I wrote a good song is if I recognize some “Michael Jackson” in it.

5: What are your main goals playing at SPOT this year?
We are looking for all kinds of collaborators with Masasolo, but first and foremost we are looking for labels to help release our new album. It’s almost done and we are beginning to release some of the singles on our own, but hopefully we’ll find someone to take over. Other than that we are hoping to get in touch with European promoters that can help us get gigs abroad.

6: Have you played abroad (if so: where?) Do you have any international deals?
We just played our first concert in UK when we visited London November 2016. We are slowly trying out our music in other countries, and even though we don’t yet have any international deals, we are experiencing positive interest from collaborators in spe.

7: What is your dream as a musician?
My dream as a musician is actually just to continue down this path that’s revealing itself little by little and see where it takes me. As long as I can play my music I am happy, but the sky is the limit!

8: What is the most important thing you have learned so far?
You won’t get anywhere in music without a great team all lifting the artist together. After a lot of years playing in great bands not getting anywhere, I am finally experiencing what it means when there are many different capabilities working together to bring the music forward.

9: Where are you in 5 years?
Finishing my 4th album and ready to go on world tour. It’s gonna be great.