A unique concert on Thursday 4th May at the SPOT Royal Stage in the middle of the Aarhus Stream

Lowly will play the first concert at this year’s SPOT, when they open the festival with a unique concert at the SPOT Royal Stage in the middle of the Aarhus Stream. On stage, they will be accompanied by 25 singers from The Royal Academy of Music’s Chamber Choir

Lowly is the Story of an Aarhus band who are really close to an international breakthrough thanks to thir hard work and refusal to make artistic compromises. In February, they released their debut album through the prestigious international label Bella Union, which also releases bands and artists like Beach House and Father John Misty.

It is SPOT’s ambition to support the acts who play at SPOT and help them grow artistically and develop their commercial potential. Ambitious formats for the opening concert is nothing new at SPOT, and as has been the case in the previous years, this year’s opening concert’s ambitious format is in line with this ambition to help the bands in their work with their artistic development. All through their career, Lowly have explored and tested the concert format – most recently in their collaboration with CPH PHIL in the latter’s concert series ‘60 MINs of’.

The collaboration with the Royal Academy of Music’s Chamber Choir has come about in connexion with the SPOT Opening Concert. When asked about the collaboration, Lowly say, “We have been fortunate to get to play very different concert formats the last three years at SPOT, first with sign language interpreters, then with a giant light-and-shadow show produced by Jakob Kvist. And this year we get to present our music with a chamber choir of 25 singers. We feel very lucky. It’s a chance to experience our music in a completely new way – not just for the audience – but also for ourselves.”