Jakob Ogawa: “If you’re in the mood for love, you’ll probably vibe with my stuff”

Who are you? (When did you start, what is your musical background?)

I’m Jakob! I started a few years back with my Ogawa project. I’ve always been attracted to music. Grew up in a very musical environment. My mom introduced me to Prince at a very young age. One of my first memories as a kid is watching Purple Rain…

What type of music do you play – genre, expression, mood?

Wai Pop. If you’re in the mood for love, you’ll probably vibe with my stuff:)

What was your first musical experience?

Prince, Marvin Gaye, The Beatles and Michael Jackson. Watching A hard day’s night. That movie changed my life.

What are your sources of inspiration – other bands, people, experiences?

I’m very inspired by people around me. A lot of movies from the 20’s, these days. Musicals. I love Singing in the rain.

What is your ambition playing at SPOT?

Meet new people. Connect!

Have you ever played abroad? – If yes,  where and how was it different?

I played Lollapalooza in March in Argentina. It was wild. The response was beyond my imagination. Met a lot of great people. I love playing shows outside of Norway.

What is your dream as a musician?

To be an established artist with a voice. Reach out to as many as possible. Spread some love.

 What is the most valuable lesson you have learned so far?

Don’t get high on yourself. Stay humble

Where do see yourself in five years?

Living in LA with my girl.