Interview: Dan Monsell, why SPOT is worth the trip

Music Export Denmark in association with SPOT+ put together a friendly social mixer at the bowling alley behind Scandinavian Congress Center on Saturday morning of SPOT. At the mixer we had a talk with Dan Monsell, about why he decided to take the trip to Aarhus and attend the festival, the seminars and what he brings back with him to the UK.

By Mikkel Wenzel Andreasen, Photo top: Allan Høgholm

Even though the sound of the pins falling at times are deafening, and emotions get the best of some the attendees at this year’s social mixer and bowling brunch, we sit down to have a talk with Dan Monsell, concert promoter, agent, festival arranger and much more, from Rockfeedback agency.

Dan Monsell, Director, Head of Booking, Rockfeedback Concerts. Photo: Mikkel Wenzel Andreasen

Why do you come to SPOT?

“It’s actually my first time at SPOT – my first time in Denmark, but I work with a lot of European artists, and I already represent some Danish talents in the UK: MØ and Iceage. My first and foremost purpose of coming to SPOT is to find the next MØ before they break, and see if I can get to work with them.”

What’s so appealing about coming to SPOT?

“I think it’s a good time of the year; not too many other festivals crowding the scene, and the Scandinavian market is really good and growing. Danish artists in particular are a very good fit for the British music scene; they adapt really well and are easy to work with.”

“Apart from the artist opportunities, SPOT is just a really well-organized event. Denmark is very nice and the music infrastructure is good. And the whole vibe about the festival grounds. Everyone is easy to get to, there are no velvet ropes or anyone too important to talk to. It’s just really easy to make connections and get to meet people.”


What’s been great about SPOT?

“I had a show this week in London with Iceage, but I’ve never really had the chance to meet their entire team before, so that’s been great getting to meet them all here at SPOT, in person.”

“And then I’ve seen a lot of shows. I haven’t really been to too many of the SPOT+ seminars, but I’ve seen a lot of music. Yangze was one of the artists I’ve really liked. I’ll definitely get in contact with their manager and I hope I can get to work with them in future.”