SPOT+ International seminars

Welcome to the 4th edition of SPOT+, the conference & networking part of the SPOT festival 2018. Like the previous years, this edition will keep you updated on the latest from the music industry when it comes to important issues such as sync, brands, digital & data.

SPOT+ – like the SPOT festival – is a “boutique” conference where we are focusing on quality rather than quantity. We have around 25 seminars and networking events planned for the 2018-edition, so below please find our exquisite overview of the sync, brands, digital & data-events which will be presented in English.

Hope to see you there – all the best,

Gunnar Madsen, CEO, SPOT and Jesper Mardahl, SPOT+ conference organizer.

Let’s Talk Sync

We’re proud to present this 5th edition of our “Let’s Talk Sync”-sessions. This year the session is organized and moderated by one of the sync industry’s most powerful networkers, Ms. Tess Taylor, president of NARIP – National Association of Record Industry Professionals. Let’s Talk Sync consists of three sessions – two panels & one lecture – focusing on placement of music for ad agencies, film, TV and trailer houses. More info here.

Meet The Music Supervisors – speed meetings with international and Danish music supervisors!

Music supervision and music placement in trailers, TV-series, film and advertising has become an extremely important part of the music industry’s revenue streams today. Therefore we’re very happy to announce this 5thedition of our much anticipated “Meet The Music Supervisors”-speed meeting session with a gang of “dream team” of international music supervisors. Click here for info on the music supervisor line-up, application and deadline.

The Music Business Is Broke, And I Know How To Fix It

Opening keynote: Scott Cohen, Co-founder, The Orchard. More info here.

Amplify: Let’s Talk Bands & Brands

Brand partnerships are everywhere and it’s not just something big artists with massive reach get to do. A brewery is a creative hub for emerging talent and fashion brands print vinyl records by underground artists. New bands are getting paid by brands without the fans being worried about artists losing their integrity. But why have massive companies decided to become a player in the alternative music scene. Read more.

Dissecting The Digital Dollar

Find out how deals between streaming services and record companies, music publishers and collection societies really work, and how royalties flow from each streaming platform through to artists and songwriters. Hosted by Chris Cooke, MD and Business Editor of CMU. Info here.

Let’s Talk Data – The datafication of musical taste

The digital music industry is increasingly data-centered and it is often assumed that developments in big data are at the heart of the future of the music business. But how do differences in quality and access to data affect the industry dynamics? Keynote by Rasmus Rex, Assistant Professor, PhD at Roskilde University. More info here.

How To Work With Artists in a Streaming World

With almost 90% market share, streaming has become the most important way of reaching your audience. But what are the upsides and the downsides of artist development, international work and live shows. A group of Denmark’s key-players will discuss the different perspectives to these issues. More info here.

EUROPE IN SYNC – Presentation & public brainstorm

EUROPE IN SYNC will bring into motion a curated process of networking, connecting, educating, communicating, creative and legal consulting, brokering and exploitation to open the way primarily for the independent players towards an optimized and offensively-minded synch-business. Click here for more info.