FRUM: “Music has always been a part of me and my way to express myself”

Who are you – how did the band get together / when did you get together, what is your musical background?
Frum is primarily my own project, but to make my expression more whole I have different people playing with me and also making the visual universe. Music has always been a part of me and my way to express myself, especially singing. I remember that I from a very early age made my own songs. I don’t have a musical education, I have just tried to learn everything by myself.

What type of music do you play – genre, expression, mood?
I would say it is electronic indie pop.

What was your first musical experience?
Music and especially singing is a prominent part of the Faroese culture. I would say that my first musical experiences came when my parents and grandparents sang for me to make me sleep. I am very inspired by natural or native song. There is so much history, tellings and feelings in them. It gives me a very spiritual feeling.

What are your sources of inspiration?
From when I was young it was mostly film music and what my parents listened to like Led Zeppelin, Uriah Heep, Deep Purple and so on. But the artist that I have been most inspired of is the Scottish sing- and songwriter Paolo Nutini. He was the big star in my teenage years and In the later years it has been Grimes.

What is your ambition playing at SPOT?
My ambition is to make an excellent performance and give the audience a good time.

Have you ever played abroad? – If yes, where and how was it different?
I have been on tour in China and played one concert in Madrid. The audience in China and Madrid were both so nice! My experience was that the chinese people are very sensitive. After the concerts some came crying and told me how touched they were of the music. That is something I have never experienced in Denmark or The Faroe Islands. I think that the audience abroad are very curious about everything. Where I come from, what is it like, where I get my sound from and so on.

What is your dream as a musician?
My dream is that I will always able to release my feelings, thoughts and questions about the world through music.

What is the most valuable lesson you have learned so far?
Don’t rush, take your time to make the songs, trust my choices and make things my own way.

Where do see yourself in five years?
Music will always be a part of me, so in five years I’ll still be making music no matter what. I hope I will be able to have concerts where all senses will be stimulated and that I can take the audience with me on my journeys based on sound, film, movements and so on. I also hope that I will always be curious of the ways of the world and ready for new adventures.