Every year hundreds of enthusiastic and hardworking volunteers play an important part in making SPOT Festival run smooth and professional. As a volunteer you help create and spread atmosphere during the festival when you are in contact with the audience, the musicians and the rest of the volunteers as part of SPOT Festival’s public face.

As a starting point you work for one day when you volunteer. The number of hours you work depends on the shift, but you will have plenty of time off to enjoy the rest of the festival.

You take part in a network of committed and indispensable volunteer workers who really make things take off – and who help put the spotlight on Danish and Nordic music both domestically and abroad. In addition, you get a SPOT Festival ticket and catering during your shift. You also receive vouchers for beer and/or sodas which can be redeemed in the volunteer lounge when you are off duty.

Many of our volunteers return year after year, but we are always in need of more capable hands on deck, so all interested parties are encouraged to apply. Please note that you have to be at least 17 years of age to volunteer at SPOT Festival.

APPLY HERE – You need a Facebook-, Google- or Microsoft account to sign up.

Work assignments at SPOT

To make it easier to wish which areas of the festival you want to engage in as a volunteer we have made a description of the different work assignments.
The assignments are split between shifts before, during or after the festival.
When you volunteer, we encourage you to wear practical clothes. Put away your dancing shoes and party getup until after your shift ends and wear comfortable footwear, clothes that can get dirty and a warm sweater instead.

Assignments before and after the festival

If you want to enjoy the entire festival without having to work during the concerts, then you have the opportunity to work before or after the festival takes place. You need to channel your inner handyman or -woman in order to help build the physical framework surrounding the festival such as fencing, lighting, electricity and everything in between. Or maybe you want to help tear the abovementioned apart after the festival ends. We are looking for people who are not afraid to roll up their sleeves and get a little sweaty because this is physical, manual labour, but we promise you will have fun and enjoy the company of the other volunteers while putting your body to work.

Assignments during the festival

One thing the assignments during the festival all have in common is that they in some way contain periods of waiting around. Maybe you will be waiting for the dishes, waiting for people to check in/drive/help or waiting for gear that needs moving. But it is while you wait the opportunity to make new acquaintances and friendships with the other members of the team arises.

Band rooms
The band rooms are in need of happy and kind volunteers who want to do their best to make sure that the musicians and performers get a good experience when performing at SPOT Festival. It is your job to make sure that the rooms are ready for the bands who need them and that they are provided with plenty of coffee, tea, fruit, snacks, beer, water and towels. In short, you need to make sure that the atmosphere in the band rooms is nice and relaxed. During these shifts you will experience longer periods of waiting around and short, but very busy bursts of activity. You will have plenty of time to have fun with the other volunteers.

When working this shift, you simply need to guard a fire exit and open it if you are told to do so by the security guards. The fireguards are spread out across the entire festival at all the fire and emergency exits. Some are located at remote places and some are in more public places. You will need to talk the festival goers and help them find the right doors and exits. Remember to wear warm clothes during these shifts.

The catering team is a very important part of any production. It is essential that all musicians and volunteers have access to filling meals and exciting buffets. Some periods are very busy with high intensity and others are more relaxed and allows you to have fun with the other catering volunteers. If you are up for it, you have the opportunity to take part in a dedicated team who produces and serves a food buffet that caters up to 1.200 plates at meal time.

Ticket control
The volunteers at the entrance are the first people the paying customers meet when they arrive at the festival. The most important job for the volunteers in the ticket control is to make sure that the festival goers are met by a nice and relaxed atmosphere when their tickets are scanned, and they receive their bracelets. You will also need to provide information regarding the festival and hand out music programs.

Stage hands
As a stage hand, your primary job is to carry music equipment and gear from A to B. Sometimes it needs to be done at a fast pace before and after the shows but during the shows you will usually have time to relax. You need to make sure that the other stage workers have what they need. The stage hands have the longest shifts of all the volunteers, but during your shift there will be downtimes where you can enjoy the concerts. It is an advantage if you are a musician yourself, but it is not a requirement.

You have to be 18 or older in order to volunteer at the bar. You need to be service minded and keep a smile on your face in order to make sure that the concert goers are having a good time. You do not need to be a trained bartender in order to serve our canned beers and drinks, but you do need to be able to stay cool when things are busy. We have professional bartenders working in the bars who are ready to help whenever it is needed.