Each year during Tønder Festival – in the last weekend in August – Folk Spot Denmark presents a selection of Danish roots and folk bands for a group of folk-entusiasts and international delegates from the music business, medias and festivals from all over the world.

This year the Folk Spot Denmark artists presents their music in Schweizerhalle, Tønder Kulturhus, as a part of Tønder Festival 2021.

Lineup for Folk Spot Denmark 2021

Stringflip (DK/SE)

Stringflip plays contemporary folk music inspired by the Nordic and Celtic tradition. They released their self-titled debut album in april 2021 and has since then gotten great reviews from British The Living Tradition,  and Danish Rootszone. On the debut album the four members have each contributed to original compositions which draws inspiration from very different places which gives the album a versatile expression. The inspiration comes from the Swedish melancholy and odd rhythm, the contagious Irish groove, the Danish dance music and elements from classical string compositions. Two traditional melodies in new arrangements from both Denmark and Sweden encapsulates the album as a tribute to the Nordic folk music tradition which is the foundation for the album’s creation.

Plays at August 26th


VIRELAI is powerful medieval folk and poetic, nordic ballads. Performed with a warm, wild energy and the heart in front. The orchestra consist of Mia Guldhammer on vocal & clac-clacs, Jacob Lund on davul, frame drums, riq & dabourka, Søren Hammerlund on hurdy gurdy & mandola and Martin Seeberg on flutes, bratsch, shawm, bagpipe and Jew’s harps. The quartet has toured in the North, Europe and all over the world in the last 20 years and they have released six albums. VIRELAI is a loving celebration of the nordic roots and there’s always a guarantee for party, chain dance and sing-along.

Plays at August 26th


BRAGR gives a contemporary expression to the scandinavian folk music tradition. The band plays both traditional melodies and their own compositions and the music appears effervescent and fresh with arrangements that are exciting and surprising. The musicians tell empathetic about the music and the histories give the tunes even more life. Perry Stenbäck’s nyckelharpa (key harp) creates the emotional sound, Christine Dueholm’s light and swinging drums gives structure and color to the music, Jesper Bylling’s lyrical and bandless bass delivers a collective drive and melody, and Kristian Bisgaard supplements the sound with his tasteful and creative piano play. The polyphonic vocals are used mostly as instruments and are a part of BRAGR’s characteristic soundscape. BRAGR reminds us of who we were and who we in many ways still are. It’s the sound of Scandinavia – our tune in life. It can both give us an uplifting smile and a little tear in the eye.

Plays at August 27th

Himmerland (DK)

These years Himmerland tours in all parts of the world with new music, composed by the five distinct and experienced musicians and composers with backgrounds in very different genres, traditions and cultures. Wherever the band plays they spread joy and spellbind their audience with their unique mix of old Danish ballads, fabulous fiddle tunes, equilibrist improvisations and new fascinating music composed and arranged by the band’s members. Since 2010 Himmerland has toured intensively and they released their latest album ‘Folktone from a Global Corner’ in 2019.

Plays at August 27th


What happens when Syrian and Nordic religious and traditional music meet? JUMA is a cross-cultural world/folk group that unites the Syrian with the Nordic. The Syrian musician Bakri Hemmami came to Denmark in 2015 after fleeing Aleppo. As many others Bakri has left everything behind but he has carried the music with him all the way. Together with the rest of JUMA he has reinterpreted and arranged Syrian folk melodies and sufies – Arabic religious songs – with Danish songs and psalms. JUMA weaves Syrian/Arabic folk melodies and Nordic songs together in a beautiful meeting between culture and religion. The project started in the spring of 2017 with the purpose of uniting the new culture with the Danish. To convey the new culture to a Danish audience and create a platform for our newly arrived fellow citizens from the Arabic countries where they get the opportunity to listen to Arabic music in a new Nordic interpretation. 

Plays at August 28th

Tailcoat (DK)

Tailcoat is instrumental folk music at it’s best. It sounds like a slow dance and creates the soundtrack for your daydreams and sleepless nights. Tailcoat has been called their generation’s new all star band within the genre of Nordic instrumental music. With their unique instruments and new and evocative sound, Tailcoat take inspiration from traditional folk music and interpret it into their own composed music. The music is progressive and draws inspiration from genres and traditions from all over the world. Their debut album ‘Tall Tales in Tiny Pieces’ (2019) got great reviews and the same year the album was on Radiofolk’s Top 10 album list.

Plays at August 28th