Flotte internationale reaktioner på Folk Spot Denmark

Sidste weekends fremstød på Tønder Festival har givet roser til både musikken og koncert- og networking-arrangementet.

Fredag og lørdag i sidste uge var der Folk Spot Denmark i forbindelse med Tønder Festivalen, hvor Huldrelokkk, LSMR, Pøbel, Mary Jean, Raabygg (NO), Vingefang, Hudna og Elmøe & Hoffmann blev præsenteret.

Resultatet var ikke blot et generelt flot tilskuermøde og god medlevende stemning under koncerterne, der gav et fingerpeg om fremstødets værdi: De omkring 40 internationale branche-personer, der var special-inviteret til arrangementet, har også mange rosende toner til både musik og netværks-aktiviteterne, som var arrangeret af et samarbejde mellem SPOT og Tønder Festival.

Først i nedestående række af citater er canadiske Bob Jensen, som har arbejdet med adskillige danske navne gennem de senere år. Se interviewet med ham om den danske scene nedenfor.



I really feel it’s been fun to watch the [Danish] industry because … about 15 years ago when I started watching, it was in its infancy, and it was trying to get organized, but it wasn’t quite there yet. But now it’s got an agenda, it’s got a vision, it’s got a focus, and the people are top-notch, nice, caring people who know what they are doing, and people who know how to solve problems – I’m really impressed by the whole Danish scene. …I have just recently signed Scandinavian String Alliance which is Morten [Alfred] Høirup, Kristian Bugge and Fru Skagerrak – they are coming together as one group – it’s kinda like a Danish supergroup. And I’m also talking with Morten about a Danish or a Scandinavian Christmas [shows].
Bob Jensen, Jensen Music International (CA)

Næste i rækken er Linda Fahey, fra Folk Alley (US), hvis udsendelser rammer 50 amerikanske radiostationer.

Se interview med Linda Fahey nedenunder.

Being able to come to this festival and particularly your programme [Folk Spot Denmark] and the way you present the showcases to us …  it makes it easy for me to discover new music from Denmark. I would’t be able to do that otherwise in such an easy way. I think everybody I heard this weekend, I could play on my service. The favourite this weekend was Hudna, because of the way they bring in different cultures and blend them together. It is lively and it’s fun. And it’s very contemporary. But I also like the medieval band … Pøbel … they were fun festival music. And Louise Støjberg and Martin Rauff … I love them. I’m going home to play them at Folk Alley as soon as I get home. I really, really love them.
Linda Fahey, Folk Alley (US)

De øvrige interviews med nedenstående branche-personer vil kunne ses på Folk Spot Denmarks Facebook-side i den kommende uge – men her er et udvalg af citater:

What I’ve seen … has been quite mind blowing. The Folk Spot stage is really, really good presenting different Danish and Norwegian acts from quite a variety of angels. It’s a great spot to show that folk music isn’t really only one thing, it’s so many different things. It comes from tradition and sort of flowers out to all different kinds of music.
Bjørn Hammershaug, Global Music Editor, Tidal Music / Folkemusikk (NO)

There are definitely a lot of folk scenes and folk schemes that would be fitting for all those [Folk Spot Denmark] artists. Particularly I think Mary Jean was very strong – she has some of that crossover gap. I think she could work out in the commercial music market. There’s definitely something that I’m going to follow up on.
Ethan Proctor, Midnight Mango (UK)

This band Hudna, their playing is kind of rock’n’roll, but the rock is not swamping … they are using the things that work from Turkish music and the things that work from rock’n’roll – and they are honest, they are not posing. I want to really see them [bands] communicating, having a musical conversation and including us in that. Would they [Hudna] stand a chance in England? Yes, they would be good….
Andrew Cronshaw, fRoots (UK)

There were two female trios [Huldrelokkk & Vingefang] which were very well in terms of singing style – the polyharmonies and the string accompaniment. This could work in Hungary. We have traditional festivals that are focusing every year on another region, and we are thinking of focusing on the Nordics in two years from now.
Balázs Weyer, Programme Director, Hangvetö (HU)

We like Nordic music. Many bands in France have a Nordic influence, but we wanted to come here to find some inspiration and perhaps some bands to programme at our festival in France…. It is very possible, that in 2019, there is a Danish band playing our festival.
François Rosseel, Festival Het Lindeboom (FR)

There’s always Danish bands on tour in Germany, and that is one of the main reasons why it makes sense to come here. ….The most fascinating one [act] was Hudna. That brought back to me the reality of Germany, where we have a huge Turkish community, which produces fantastic music, but leaves that music in their own community. Here you could see how fantastic this Turkish music could be, if it comes out in the open and mixes with other sorts of music. I think that Hudna could go down well in some German circles as well.
Mike Kamp, Folker Magazine (DE)

I’ve enjoyed all the music and in particular LSMR. That duo were really something I feel that I could offer them advice and hopefully help them learn how to find their place in North America. On quality I think that this is absolutely world class quality music – there is so much talent, and so much artistery to be shared. And it is not often that you have a chance to see so many acts in such a short time period.
Tamara Kater, Mavens Music Management (CA)

The music I’ve seen here has been fantastic. Today there was a band called Northern Assembly which we saw at lunchtime, which I thought were amazing, and I think they would be a perfect fit for a festival like ours. And that’s just one example.
Brendan McCarthy, Americana Music Association-UK (UK)

The final band that played today, Elmøe & Hoffmann … for me that was a band I felt was the right mixture of ability, presentation, and melody. I just thought that would have landed really well with not just UK audiences, but I felt like it was internationally sellable and would have sat well with audiences anywhere in the world.
Neil Pearson, Sounds Just Fine UK)

I think it’s a good selection [of bands at the Folk Spot programme] – I’ve already found four very good bands – I will look more into how to work with them or how to help them.
Hilda Sandgren, MTA Productions (SE)

Folk Spot Denmark arrangeres af Tønder Festival og SPOT.
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Top photo: Hudna (Photo: Bart Vanoutrive)