Who are you?
Hi there – I’m Faustix, just a normal laidback guy based in Copenhagen. I started my career making music when I was 19 when I got my first audio station called Reason. Now 8 years later Faustix is almost where he wants to be as an artist.

What is your musical expression?
I’m currently not having any genre that I’m holding on to – I really like to always move my sound if you know what I mean. Right now It’s an electro/urban kinda sound that I’m trying to express.

How long have you been a musician?
I’ve been making music for almost 10 years now, it’s a dream come true for me to be able to still do what I love even after all these years. I’m actually a self-taught musician. No-one from my family plays  any instruments what so ever – so it’s kinda weird speaking about music with my family – they don’t get me, hahah

What is your source of inspiration?
My family, friends and label. It’s quit simple actually. For me a good life and a steady base at home and at work give me a certain calm, which is necessary for me to be creative and motivated.

What are your main goals playing at SPOT festival this year?
I don’t think I have a specific goal, but I will try to take people through my music career and let them listen to my journey through my set. I will play tracks that are 9 years old but still fresh and play tracks that are not even fully done.

Who are you trying to reach?
I’m trying to reach the people who don’t know Faustix yet but still give the people who like my music a good time and not let them down.

Have you played abroad?
I’ve played in Spain, Germany, France, Holland, and other places too. Next up is actually a small “Norway tour” and I’m also playing on the Faroe Islands next month.

What is your dream as a musician?
I don’t have any dreams – I set myself goals instead. I’m already living my dream!

What is the most important thing your have learned so far?
To have patience – things don’t happen overnight. It takes time and sacrifices.

Where are you in 5 years?
Pheeeeew I really don’t know. But I really wanna see myself in Los Angeles living the big producer life with my wife and kid(s)… But right now I’m just focusing on what the summer will bring.