Each year hundreds of great, enthusiastic and hardworking volunteers play a defining role in making sure that SPOT runs smoothly and professionally. At the same time, it is your job as a volunteer to spread the cheer and good vibes throughout the festival since you’re an important part of SPOTs communication and interactions with our guests.

When volunteering at SPOT, you have one day of work. The number of work hours can vary from assignment to assignment. You’ll have plenty of free time to enjoy the festival and the amazing atmosphere you’ve helped create.

Our volunteers are a collective and dedicated team – and without the amazing volunteer help, there would be no SPOT! You get full access to the festival and we make sure that you’re fed and comfortable during your shift, of course.

Many of our volunteers return to help out year after year, but we’re always excited to have new faces on board. So go sign up to volunteer at SPOT 2021 – we’re looking forward to having you on the team!

Sign up as volunteer for SPOT 2021

Read more about the different work assignments below before you sign up.

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Volunteer roles at SPOT 2021

This year the different volunteer assignments have been divided into some overall categories so you can find out which type of shifts and tasks that fits you and your skills and interests. The concrete tasks is described in the categories below and as always we do our best to fulfill anyones wishes as much as possible.

And when on duty don’t forget to wear practical and weather-appropriate clothes and footwear! Save your party clothes and dancing shoes for later.

NB: If you have specific experience with IT, electricity, barservice or anything like that then please mention it in your volunteer application. In that way we make sure that your skills come to good use. And if you’re skilled in more than one thing then please make sure to mark it.

If you have any questions then please contact our volunteer coordinators at frivillig@spotfestival.dk

This years volunteer coordinators