Seminar based on Chris Cooke’s report ‘Dissecting The Digital Dollar’

Find out how deals between streaming services and record companies, music publishers and collection societies really work, and how royalties flow from each streaming platform through to artists and songwriters.

This briefing session is based on the ‘Dissecting The Digital Dollar’ reports produced by CMU Insights for the Music Managers Forum in the UK – findings which have recently been compiled and updated in a new book available from Amazon.

This session at SPOT+ will also include insights on how digital licensing specifically works in the Nordic markets, and how it differs from the UK and the US.

Hosted by Chris Cooke, MD and Business Editor of CMU and author of the above report.

When and where:

SPOT+ 2018: Saturday May 12th

RadissonBlu Hotel – Margrethepladsen 1, 8000 Aarhus C

Time: 11:00 – 12:30, Room 11