Discover Aarhus

If you feel like taking a break in between showcases and conferences, we’ve curated this guide that allows you to discover the many wonderful attractions and hidden gems the city of Aarhus has to offer.
Need a non-musical cultural break or a nice place to eat? Look no further. There’s plenty to see in Aarhus during SPOT – and the best part is that everything is within walking distance from our main venues and the SPOT+ conference area.



There’s a lot of interesting and unique restaurants, bistros and cafés on the street of Mejlgade which is located in the middle of the wonderful neighborhood known as Latinerkvarteret. Whether you feel like diving into a big serving of moules frites at OliNico Gastro Grillbar or try quite possibly the best burritos in town at VACA, this is the place to go. A lot of the establishments have outdoor seating so you can enjoy the nice spring weather and the relaxed atmosphere known to Latinerkvarteret.

Photo: VisitAarhus


Vestergade is an iconic street in the heart of Aarhus and definitely worth a visit while you’re in Aarhus during SPOT. With its close proximity to the music venues VoxHall and Atlas, it’s a perfect place to escape to if you feel like relaxing in the sun while enjoying a cup of coffee from one of Vestergades numerous cafés or a ‘pilsner’ and authentic Danish ‘smørrebrød’ from Vesterlauget.

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Some of the city’s best restaurants, cafés and cocktail bars are located at Åboulevarden – and during SPOT it is also possible to experience music in that part of the city. A quick brunch or lunch at various price ranges is easy to find here. When darkness descends on Aarhus, Åboulevarden plays host to night clubs and cocktail bars such as Herr Bartels where they serve a mean cocktail.

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Graven is another place where it’s both possible to enjoy a nice meal and a late-night drink. Lovely French cuisine is served at Latin and the restaurant and bar, Le Coq, is known for its ability to serve amazing food as well as Chartreuse.

Photo: VisitAarhus

For more inspiration on where to wine and dine in Aarhus, go to VisitAarhus



ARoS – the art museum – is almost a piece of art in and of itself due to Olafur Eliasson’s massive art installation, Your Rainbow Panorama, located on the top of the building. A walk around the colorful walkway is worth a trip to the museum alone, but enjoying one of their many special exhibitions and impressive collection of both Danish and international contemporary art also serves as a nice break in between the many concerts at SPOT.

Photo: VisitAarhus

Aarhus Teater

If you want to try something different while you’re in Aarhus, why not catch a play at Aarhus Teater? Or at least stop by the historic building and have a look at its unique and ornate architectural expression.


Although an area in constant change and development, Godsbanen is always worth a visit. The many small shops and independant cultural actors that have accumulated in this unique part of town are always bustling with life during SPOT.

There’s plenty more art and culture to experience while you’re in Aarhus – just go to VisitAarhus for more inspiration


Aarhus Ø

Aarhus Ø is a new part of town and a work in progress which is evident when you go for a walk in the area and ponder over the many architectural expressions and explorations. It also houses one of the cities undoubtedly best views overlooking the harbour, as well as the popular Harbour Bath where you can take a quick dip.

Photo: Dennis Borup Jakobsen

The Infinite Bridge

The beach at Tangkrogen and Marsalis is a nice retreat not too far away from the city. On a nice clear day, it’s the perfect place for a stroll along the coastline – and where you find the unique Infinite Bridge.

Photo: Dennis Borup Jakobsen/VisitAarhus


Sometimes you just need a breath of fresh air. The forest at Marselis is a great place to go for a walk. In spring and summer it’ll be nice and green for you to enjoy.

The list could go on, but we encourage you to explore further at VisitAarhus


The High Street & Store Torv

If you’re looking for a regular shopping spree, you can stroll down the High Street which offers a wide range of shops and brands. So does Store Torv which is a nice place to sit down and enjoy the view of the Cathedral. The latter acts as a perfect link between the High Street and Latinerkvarteret.


If you’re looking for a wide range of unique vintage shops and high-end Danish design, Latinerkvarteret is where you want to go. It’s a lovely neighborhood with cute little nooks and crannies for you to get lost in. And if you need a place to rest your feet and enjoy a refreshment, Latinerkvarteret is also a wonderful place to explore.

Photo: VisitAarhus

Aarhus is known for its many high-street and independant stores. Read more about shopping in Aarhus at VisitAarhus.