What did the International media think of SPOT 2017?
The 2017-edition of the festival played off in beautiful sunny spring-weather on the weekend of May 4th – 7th. Here are the international medias thoughts on the festival:

“The diversity of music on offer, and range of venues and parties ensure people of all creeds and music taste are accounted for. This in most encompassing of festivals that is easily among the coolest events in the world. Skol Spot Festival”Gigwise: SPOT – The Spell-binding City festival at the Heart of the Nordic Music Scene (UK)

“Having existed for more than twenty years, SPOT is doing something right and looks like continuing along the same successful path for some time to come. I just hope that somewhere in the UK, someone is taking some notice”The Line of Best Fit: SPOT Festival Review – Aarhus City Limits (UK)

“There’s nothing better than arriving at a showcase event such as SPOT knowing only half a dozen acts and leaving knowing fifty. Or as was the case here, walking out at the end of the set mouth wide open and turning to everyone around asking, “Did you just see THAT?!?”Drowned in Sound: 10 Things we learned at SPOT Festival 2017 (UK)

“Denmark’s second city boasts a burgeoning arts scene, and that’s never more apparent than in springtime at the annual SPOT festival. Here Scandinavia’s music industry elite — and a lot of enthusiastic fans — gather to discover the new breed of Nordic talent. It’s a terrifically mixed bag, in some memorable locations” – Culture Collide: Recap – Denmark’s SPOT Festival (US)

“Whatever kind of musical vibe you were looking for, you could be sure to be greeted by a laid-back and patient crowd that seemed very supportive of all the different kinds of styles it was exposed to. Every festival’s vibes not only depends on the artists and the surrounding, but also on how the crowd behaves and Aarhus was a great example for just the kind of audience you want to hang around with”Nothing But Hope and Passion: Highlights and Surprises – Looking back at SPOT Festival 2017 (DE)

“The apparent effortlessness of what SPOT’s organisers achieve is possibly the most impressive thing about it. Co-ordinating (literally) hundreds of bands and performers spanning everything from Scandi pop, dream-pop and chamber music to Levantine folk (the wonderful Syrian wedding singer Omar Souleyman was in town) and heavy-duty techno (Greenlandic DJ/producer Courtesy) having it all go smoothly is one thing; having that happen in a genuinely relaxed and creative environment is quite another”The Independent: Spot Festival review: Danish festival makes it look easy (UK)

“Ist vielleicht klar, soll hier aber noch mal erwähnt werden: Ein Grund, zum Spot zu fahren ist alle Jahre wieder die Gastgeberstadt” Intro Magazine: Die Highlights vom SPOT Festival 2017 (DE)

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