Denmark really bloomed at ESNS 2018

The “Denmark Blooms“ campaign at ESNS 2018 has been a great adventure. The 22 Danish acts has got a lot of attention and exposure from the crowds and from the media (still coming in these day). And the collaboration between Music Export Denmark (MXD) and the ESNS organizers has been fruitfull. Like Head of Booking, Robert Meijerink says:

ESNS have been very satisfied about the “Denmark Blooms” campaign. Despite bad weather and a hurricane at the start of the festival, no act had to cancel their performance – meaning that we were able to present all 22 concerts as planned.

My colleague Oskar Strajn and I have seen a lot of the Danish acts during ESNS, and no one failed our expectations, so Denmark really bloomed at ESNS 2018.

It’s been a pleasure working with our Danish partners – and also feeling the commitment from Danish National radio, who covered the festival in a very active way. And it was good to have the SPOT Festival here – a partner of Denmark Blooms. We have been to SPOT many times choosing acts for ESNS. Over the years, many of the Danish acts playing ESNS have been chosen after shows at SPOT – and we are looking forward to going there again in the years to come.

We are also sure the upcoming SPOT festival will introduce new exciting acts, and we would like to encourage bands who feel ready for next year’s ESNS to apply. The application proces will start on May 1st.

The Danish campaign has resulted in some fine media-attention:

Nothing But Hope And Fashion (Soleima, Ellis May Lydmor)

Clash Magazine (Iceage,  D/Troit)

Dork (Off Bloom, Goss)


Go to Music Export Denmark Facebook to get much more info about the media-interest.

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SPOT is partner of the “Denmark Blooms” campaign.