Covid-19 has had and still has a great impact on our everyday lives and of the same reason it naturally also impacts our work with planning and running a festival. 

At SPOT we are very attentive when it comes to following the guidelines and recommendations from the authorities and we will fight to keep the possibilities to make a credible and strong festival experience that will comply with the current restrictions at the time. That is why we are in close dialogue with the authorities to ensure that we can make a festival that is both responsible and full of festivities for musicians, volunteers, audience, staff, sponsors, etc.

It has been the core in our work in the past many months that SPOT 2021 will be a secure festival. That is why we have turned every stone in our planning and gone through many constructive thoughts to end up with the foundation that is a unique and great musical experience at SPOT 2021.

We have big expectations – and we are looking so much forward to welcome you at SPOT 2021 at 16.-17. of September.
For more information about Covid-19: