Conceptual music events and lots of new acts

The SPOT program is already stuffed with amazing concerts and once again, we can add new musical concepts and a lot of new acts.

A recurring concept at SPOT is the Naked Session, where 4 Danish artists along with pianist Gustaf Ljunggren perform some of their own, well-known songs in a minimalist and “naked” versions, only accompanied by the sounds from the piano. This year Naked Session presents four quite different acts from four different genres. The four acts are pop sensation Soleima, folk poet Kjartan Arngrim from the group Folkeklubben, electronic boss lady Lydmor and lead singer from the Danish metal band BAEST, Simon Olsen. Naked Session will take place on both Friday and Saturday.

Another concept only to be seen at SPOT this year is “Music For Heart And Breath” by Arcade Fire’s Richard Reed Parry, performed by Århus Sinfonietta, conducted by conductor and arranger Bjarni Frímann Bjarnason.This concept concert is created by Richard Reed Parry with the intention of exploring how the music will sound when the breaths and heartbeats of the individual musicians control the tempo and mood of the concert resulting in a new unique performance every time. The young Björk arranger and conductor Bjarni Frímann Bjarnason from Island will conduct the show.

Between them Aarhus Techno District and Limbo Collective have added no less than 27 acts to the line-up. Aarhus Techno District program is mainly focused on electronic techno music and presents artists such as Byron Dane, Obscure Allure and DRK ANE. Limbo Collective presents 10 different acts from the Danish upcoming scene. Among the Limbo Collective acts are New Kids, Vesper and The New Family.

Aarhus Techno District // Limbo Collective Line-Up:

  • Andrea Martini (Arhus Techno District)
  • ANTN (Arhus Techno District)
  • ARTHUREE (Arhus Techno District)
  • Bes (Arhus Techno District)
  • Boundaries (Limbo Collective)
  • BRR (Arhus Techno District)
  • Byron Dane (Arhus Techno District)
  • Dovydas Noidea (Arhus Techno District)
  • DRK ANE (Arhus Techno District)
  • Hôy La (Limbo Collective)
  • H.Y.R.A (Arhus Techno District)
  • Jens Rubin & De Matchende Læber (Limbo Collective)
  • John.Mesh (Limbo Collective)
  • Krypton 81 (Arhus Techno District)
  • Martin Allin (Arhus Techno District)
  • M€RCY (Arhus Techno District)
  • Mikael Tobias (Arhus Techno District)
  • New Kids (Limbo Collective)
  • Obscure Allure (Arhus Techno District)
  • Pentia (Arhus Techno District)
  • Rasmus Vels (Arhus Techno District)
  • SecondFace (Arhus Techno District)
  • Takyardia (Limbo Collective)
  • The New Family
  • Thomas Eiler (Limbo Collective)
  • Vesper (Limbo Collective)
  • Yune (Limbo Collective)