In the weeks leading up to SPOT Festival we present a number of acts from different parts of the music world, who you can meet at the festival. This time it is Danish act Code Walk
– – –

1: Who are you? (how did you get together, when etc.)
We met at folk high school attending an electronic music course in 2012 and soon discovered our similar tastes, which formed the basis for our musical alliance.

2: What is your musical expression / genre?
Everything made with machines.

3: How long have you been a band/when did you start the project – and what musical environment do you come from?
You could say it started when we met in another band in 2012, but there was a long process of searching and trying out before we started to see Code Walk as its own thing. Something clicked in 2013 though when we started going to raves and discovering club culture together.

4: What are your sources of inspiration?
Dancefloors, books, post-rave carelessness, sci-fi cliches, friends, big rocks (Norway)

5: What are your main goals playing at SPOT this year?
To leave the clearest impression of who we are and what we do with music. Hopefully we will also be able to bring an expanded visual setup, as that part of a show’s aesthetics means a lot to us.

6: Who are you trying to reach – and why?
Open-hearted people who want to move! Sometimes we think it’s underrated how deep emotional and intellectual impressions a great clubbing or concert experience can bring. Hopefully we’ll also leave people with an impression of those emotions that can’t be put into words.

7: Have you played abroad (if so: where?) Do you have any international deals?
We played at Corsica Studios in London and we have played By:Larm in Oslo and a few other exciting things TBA.

8: What is your dream as a musician?
To be able to keep searching for a way to express our ideas as honestly as possible through music.

9: What is the most important thing you have learned so far?
The work is the reward! It might sound like a cliche, but there is some real truth to not letting your happiness depend on success and recognition. Another thing is to have patience with yourself. We can’t count the numerous times we’ve almost released tracks that didn’t have the quality or sound to last more than a few months of listening, and afterwards been so happy we didn’t.

10: Where are you in 5 years?
Writing our music! Impossible and futile to say how, with whom or where but hopefully our ideas will be clearer and reach further than before.