Benny Jamz before first festival-appearance: “It’s gonna be Jamz world!”

He is, in many ways, a pioneer – and after ten years of being highly influential on the Danish rap stage, it’s quite the name that we’re adding to the SPOT 2021 poster. Besides being seen as one of the main acts behind bringing grime to Denmark, Benny Jamz has been active and a superstar under the alias Høyer Øje and in the Danish super groups B.O.C. and MOLO – not only a leading act in Danish rap, but in Danish music in general.

But this year marks a first for Benny Jamz, as he’ll be performing at SPOT 2021 with his first ever festival appearance as a solo act. Even though he might get the stage for himself, Benny Jamz is never all alone: “It’s gonna be Jamz world, but there’s always B.O.C. in everything we do. We represent together or separate, and I can’t wait to show, what my world has to offer,” he says.

After an extended period of country wide shut down, Benny Jamz is now back on stage, both with B.O.C and as a solo act, and that has been a welcomed change in the charismatic rapper’s life. “It’s great to finally feel alive again!”. And that’s something that we’ll get to feel when he hits the stage at SPOT Festival in September with his first festival appearance as a solo artist. You can expect songs from both his 2020 hit album ‘1010’ and new songs that hasn’t been released yet – all a part of his own universe. Most of all, you can expect a fired-up Benny Jamz: “I can’t wait to take you all to Jamz planet”!

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Why is SPOT 2021 on a Thursday and Friday?

When you move a festival date yet again within short notice there are many things that need to work together and especially for a festival like SPOT where you are depending on the capacity of the local venues. Luckily the culture and concerts are up and running again and the venues are booked with amazing concerts. That means for us that we had to be a bit creative with the days to be able to make SPOT 2021 as close to normal as possible. That is why we ended on Thursday and Friday this time.

What effect will Covid-19 have at SPOT 2021?

Naturally we have a higher focus on the security for all participants at SPOT 2021 – this includes volunteers, musicians, audience and everything in-between. That is also why we keep ourselves updated on the current restrictions so we make sure that everything in the festival area follows orders before we “open the door” on September 16th. You will probably run into a hand-sanitizing dispenser here and there so a great level of hygiene is kept but besides that we cross our fingers that the necessity for protective equipment is at a minimum.

Where does SPOT Festival take place?

In the heart of Aarhus as always. It will be possible to see concerts at both venues and outdoor scenes, exactly as you know SPOT. We have made a whole new plan for 2021 which we look forward to presenting to you, when we get closer to September.

What will the capacity be?

As close to normal as possible but naturally with a great focus on safety. With the moving of the date to September we have the possibilities to scale up our capacity more than calculated so the SPOT 2021-experience will be as full as possible.