SPOT 2022: It’s gonna be May

Photo: Kim Matthäi Leland

It’s not the easiest of tasks, writing this article with our hands still placed way above our heads. But after SPOT 2021, we’re left with a feeling of wanting more, and that requires a date for next year’s SPOT Festival. 

We can’t wait to see you at SPOT 2022, May 6 – 7, 2022. 

With all the great shows from SPOT 2021 still fresh in mind, it’s quite easy to picture and look forward to a music-curious audience, a gathered music industry, musicians, songwriters, and producers at SPOT 2022 in the first weekend of May”, says Gunnar K. Madsen, leader at SPOT Festival.

Early Bird tikets!
There’s more! From today, and for the next 14 days, you’re able to buy an ‘Early Bird’ ticket for SPOT 2022 – and yes, it comes with a remarkable discount. Regular SPOT tickets can be bought from December 1st.  

SPOT 2021 goes out with a bang: Huge Afterparty at Musikhuset

As we all know, nothing is bad without being good for something. Covid-19 and the (double up) postponing of the festival – and all the changes it has brought – gave us the opportunity to rethink some of our traditions. Now, we’re ready to present a brand-new initiative, and my God we’ve been looking forward to being able to share this with you.

This year, as SPOT 2021 is reaching its final concerts, Aarhus Volume and SPOT Festival will throw some extra gasoline on the festival fire and invite you all to a gigantic afterparty at Musikhuset. The foyer will be transformed into the club of your dreams with a capacity of 2,500 people. Oh, and we’ve made sure that the DJ-lineup is out of this world.

Friday night, from 00:15 to 03:45 at Musikhuset, you’ll be able to experience a DJ-set from Danish stars AV AV AV, a set from Chicago’s own Jamie 3:26 – a force of nature, and the Danish genre equilibrist Caius.

“The afterparty at this year’s SPOT isn’t just an opportunity to gather 2,500 at Aarhus biggest party – it’s furthermore thought as a tool in terms of presenting DJs in the right setting. In that way, it’s in line with our effort to create a better stage for producers and DJs, who – more and more – are seen as musicians in terms of performing live on stage, while also being dominant on the streaming services. We can’t wait to invite you to this huge afterparty, where we’ll transform well known settings in Musikhuset to a meaningful and gigantic, pulsating club at the festival,” says Albert Fajardo-Helmig, part of the booking group at SPOT Festival.

See the timetable HER and buy your tickets HERE

We can’t wait to own the floor with you!

Benny Jamz before first festival-appearance: “It’s gonna be Jamz world!”

He is, in many ways, a pioneer – and after ten years of being highly influential on the Danish rap stage, it’s quite the name that we’re adding to the SPOT 2021 poster. Besides being seen as one of the main acts behind bringing grime to Denmark, Benny Jamz has been active and a superstar under the alias Høyer Øje and in the Danish super groups B.O.C. and MOLO – not only a leading act in Danish rap, but in Danish music in general.

But this year marks a first for Benny Jamz, as he’ll be performing at SPOT 2021 with his first ever festival appearance as a solo act. Even though he might get the stage for himself, Benny Jamz is never all alone: “It’s gonna be Jamz world, but there’s always B.O.C. in everything we do. We represent together or separate, and I can’t wait to show, what my world has to offer,” he says.

After an extended period of country wide shut down, Benny Jamz is now back on stage, both with B.O.C and as a solo act, and that has been a welcomed change in the charismatic rapper’s life. “It’s great to finally feel alive again!”. And that’s something that we’ll get to feel when he hits the stage at SPOT Festival in September with his first festival appearance as a solo artist. You can expect songs from both his 2020 hit album ‘1010’ and new songs that hasn’t been released yet – all a part of his own universe. Most of all, you can expect a fired-up Benny Jamz: “I can’t wait to take you all to Jamz planet”!

See our full line-up HERE

Roots&Hybrid Announces Showcase Line-up

Roots&Hybrid Festival transforms itself for one year to Roots&Hybrid Showcase. A one-day festival line-up centering local energy and free musical journeys.

Roots&Hybrid Showcase 2021 will be det turkise telt’s first night ever in a house that is soon to be a home for a living and wild collection of turquoise moments, ecperiences and ideas. Six Danish acts coming together in a colorful intersection of curiosity.

See our full festival line-up HERE

KarriereKanonen Special at SPOT 2021

Experience KarriereKanonen when former participants and the latest winners in the talent project meet in a live show with loads of love for the different musical genres and expressions. KarriereKanonen Special celebrates music and shows that the artists from KarriereKanonen stand on the shoulders of each other.

Pil writes songs in Danish about the odd feelings in an uplifting and playful pop univers. Loneliness and unhappy love is described as precisely as possible and the newly struck winner of KarriereKanonen 2021 has especially gotten success with the songs ‘Nattely’ and ‘Omvendt’.

Behind the project Marcus.wav you’ll find 23-year-old Marcus Bjerring, who creates the sound of a young man’s thoughts through the frustrating and fabulous twenties. Marcus.wav is one of the winners of the 2021-edition of KarriereKanonen.

såforsatan is the un-schooled boy from Copenhagen who mixes jazz with heavy hip hop and merciless lyrics. The selv-delivering lyrics was contributing to securing a victory in Danish music competition KarriereKanonen in 2020

føl som
The Aarhus/Aalborg-based duo consist of rapper Emmanuel Matongo and producer Frederik Reese, and they released their debut single ‘Mit Blod’ in fall 2019. With melodic, honest lyrics and dreamy, hard-hitting beats, the duo reverses the definition of the word “sensitive (følsom)”.

See the full SPOT 2021 line-up HERE

SPOT 2021: 10 fresh acts added to the poster

Even though the line-up might already be packed with talent, there’s still more to come. As of today, we’re setting in the final sprint and using the unusually tough waiting time to announce fresh new acts. 

Today’s package of 10 talented acts will undoubtedly settle well with all the festival lovers around, and leave you guys longing even more for September 16th and 17th, where we’ll once again kick in the doors to SPOT Festival in the heart of Aarhus.

We can’t wait to see you!

Stars, talents, and a new collab: 9 names added to the SPOT 2021 poster!

Even though we are no way near done with announcing artists yet, the poster is starting to look pretty damn sharp, if we may say so ourselves. In the midst of the summer and football euphoria, we’re sprinkling stardust all over the poster – so much, you can see it sparkling in the summer sun. 

Selina Gin, who we know and love from Nelson Can, will be presenting her long-awaited solo project. After delivering nothing but hits, Saveus will return to SPOT and deliver a show that will generate enough power to light up Aarhus for about a weekend. Calby is far from burned out (get it?) but will take on the festival in top form. The young debutant GR8SCOTT will take us back to the future. The extremely talented Dayyani will spellbind us. Pauline will knock you off your feet and hit you right in the heart, as she has already done with us. Soon will go straight from SPOT to an international breakthrough. The absolutely brilliant Kh Marie will deliver a performance that you’ll never forget. And last, but not least, a new and exciting collab, DAWN – Århus Sinfonietta x Bona Fide, will be showcased at SPOT, hovering around subjects such as longing and magic, faith, hope, and love – always with the rising sea in the horizon.

As soon as Denmark has won the European championship, September can’t come fast enough!

The names for SPOT Metal are ready!

SPOT Festival puts a spot on metal!

It’s gonna get wild, it’s gonna get loud, it’s gonna get heavy – og there’s gonna be loads of talent when SPOT Metal once again takes Train. 

The Danish metal scene has never seen better days than right now. One success after another is being spit and growled out – and the strongest characteristics about the Danish metal scene right now is that it is possible to collect a very strong line-up nomather if you’re interested in death, black, thrash or sludge. 

This has not passed our noses and that is also why we are quite proud to once again present SPOT Metal in strong and close collaboration with our good friends from Train and MXD – Music Export Denmark. At SPOT 2021 there will be a specific day at Train reserved for Danish metal which rumbles off at 666 kilometers per hour.

The ambition is clear: we must put a spot on a selection of the forward-rushing musical talents that form the Danish metal scene right now but who will also have an impact on the future.


✦ Date: Friday September 17th,  2021
✦ Doors open at 18.00
✦ Venue: Train, Toldbodgade 6c, 8000 Aarhus C
✦ Entré: 6,66 DKK + fees OR with a SPOT Festival ticket
✦ DJ LEIFUR plays before, between and after the different bands

8 talented acts from The Royal Academy of Music added to the line-up

True to tradition, our partners in crime and almost neighbours, The Royal Academy of Music in Aarhus, have handed in their list of artists – and students – chosen to be showcased at SPOT 2021. 
By now, we can’t imagine a line-up without The Royal Academy of Music, which has been a part of Musikhuset since 2007, being able to showcase their impressive amount of talent present among their students. 

This year, they’ve once again handed in a list that might vary in genre, but definitely underlines that they’re working with the future profiles of Danish music. It’s artists and bands affecting and creating the sound of Aarhus.

Nine new reasons to look forward to SPOT 2021

The sun has been shining, we have all had some very hot, summer days and in the meantime we have cooked up new plans for this year’s line-up which now mean that we have ended up with nine yet amazing musical additions for SPOT 2021.

We talk about solid pop, singer/songwriter tunes, uncompromisingness, jazzpop, 80’s disco, 70’s soul, embracement of loneliness, classical songwriting, heavy guitar noise and an exclusive show. What a bunch of musical treats you can expect come September!

We have even more musical surprises ready for you next week and there will also begin to come great announcements from our partners so keep your eyes on the SPOT-platforms – there will be plenty of news to be joyful about.