SPOT would like to invite Nordic bands and artists with ambitions and international potential – and also their managers and representatives – to apply to play a showcase at SPOT. You can apply online until 12 noon on November 20th.

The 25th edition of SPOT takes place in Aarhus on the 2nd to the 4th of May 2019, and as of Monday the 20th September and until Tuesday the 20th of November, Nordic bands, solo artists, producers, and their representatives can apply for a showcase at the festival.

Every year SPOT attracts the entire Danish music industry and music press as well as hundreds of international media people and music industry people from primarily Europe, the US, Canada and South America. This year the sold-out festival proudly presented showcases with 283 bands, orchestras, and solo artists, who were handpicked by SPOT and a number of festival partners.

With the great buzz around SPOT, the weekend is an important display window for bands and artists who want international attention and/or are ready to take the next step in their careers. The objective of SPOT is to facilitate career development for the acts who play at SPOT. That is why applications for showcases at SPOT must include motivations.

A previous showcase at SPOT does not disqualify a band or an artist from applying again.

Behind SPOT there are two organizations: ROSA – the Danish Rock Council and MXD – Music Export Denmark. For both organizations, the festival is an important tool in their work to promote Danish music abroad.

The music line-up for SPOT is selected by a listening jury consisting of a number of music professionals and the SPOT Secretariat. The main program of SPOT will consist of upcoming acts playing for the first time at SPOT and acts who are defining the Danish and Nordic music scenes right now – as well as bands and solo artists who have been included on the basis of international interest and demand.

As part of the application, you must upload the following material:

  • High resolution pictures (at least 1500x1500 px)
  • A short presentation text not exceeding 400 characters and spaces
  • Additional information such as press releases, etc.
  • Two or three tracks as .mp3 files, .aac/.m4a files, or as Ogg Vorbis-files (.ogg/.oga)

Furthermore, the applicants must state

  • Professional collaborators, if any, and contact details for these.
  • The motivation for playing a showcase at 2019
  • The specific goals that a showcase at SPOT 2019 may help the applicant and/or the applicant’s representatives to fulfil.

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