33 new acts have been added to the overall line-up for SPOT 2018

Aarhus Volume is a start-up culture community in Aarhus who are doing a 3-day programme as part of this year’s SPOT. They deliver 17 acts, mainly from the urban scene, to the SPOT line-up. Three of the acts will be a part of a free event Thursday evening with performances from pop sensation Hugo Helmig, rapper/singer Lord Siva and Norwegian rapper Pasha. The remaining 14 additions will be playing Friday and Saturday at the Aarhus Volume stage, where a SPOT ticket is required. The acts you can experience here are Athletic Progression, Felix De Luca, Hong Kong, John Mesh, Kaaliyah, Motorique, NODE, Omar, RIGFOREVIGT, Roger Beattaker, RoseGold, The Radar Post, View (FI) and Virgin Suicide.

Four of this year’s SPOT partners have also got additions to the line-up. Local organization Oppenheimer presents Luster and MONTI, and Gutter Island goes metal and rock with 5 acts. Amongst them are Scumbag Millionaire (SE) and Fright Eye. From Sweden West Side Music brings us 3 acts: Tilde Hjelm and The Desert Orchids (SE), Topplock (SE) and Easy October (SE), while the music from the top of Denmark is presented by Way Up North. They have 6 acts ready for SPOT and to name a few, there are singer-songwriter Hjalte Ross and dream pop-band Lunar.

Lunar (Way Up North), Tilde Hjelm (West Side Music), Orcas (Gutter Island) and MONTI (Oppenheimer)

The other names presented by partners are: 

Blood Child // Way Up North
P601 // Way Up North
Salvia // Way Up North
WOLFF // Way Up North
Colombian Necktie // Gutter Island
Orcas // Gutter Island
Wet Dreams (NO) // Gutter Island