SPOT 2022: It’s gonna be May

Photo: Kim Matthäi Leland

It’s not the easiest of tasks, writing this article with our hands still placed way above our heads. But after SPOT 2021, we’re left with a feeling of wanting more, and that requires a date for next year’s SPOT Festival. 

We can’t wait to see you at SPOT 2022, May 6 – 7, 2022. 

With all the great shows from SPOT 2021 still fresh in mind, it’s quite easy to picture and look forward to a music-curious audience, a gathered music industry, musicians, songwriters, and producers at SPOT 2022 in the first weekend of May”, says Gunnar K. Madsen, leader at SPOT Festival.

Early Bird tikets!
There’s more! From today, and for the next 14 days, you’re able to buy an ‘Early Bird’ ticket for SPOT 2022 – and yes, it comes with a remarkable discount. Regular SPOT tickets can be bought from December 1st.