Pitching music can be an informal and cozy thing

To pitch your music to a panel of professional music supervisors and afterwards getting feedback in front of an audience, mainly consisting of other people from the business, sounds quite nerve wrecking. But on the contrary ‘Pitch Your Music to Music Supervisors’ was a light and joyful session.

By Amanda Büchert

‘Pitch Your Music to Music Supervisors’ is a returning concept at SPOT+ which purpose is to give aspiring musicians and producers a possibility to learn from professional business people and to build a network. The session was in the afternoon, Thursday during SPOT 2021, where a panel consisting of Samuel Diaz (CBS), Megan Barbour (Buddha Jones), Milena Fessman (Cinesongs), Jesper Gadeberg (Musicstylist.com), Yvette Meltoyer (Sounds in Color Music) and Bobby Gumm (Trailerpark) was presented with seven tracks selected by a “mysterious group of people”.  

“We don’t know who they are, but they clearly know something about music,” as moderator Pam Lewis-Rudden jokingly proclaimed. The great vibe in the room was instantly established then and it mostly reminded of a relaxed feedback-session in a school or at the university. 

One by one the songs were played after which the supervisors gave their feedback. A lot of concrete advice was given regarding how to sell the songs in the music industry. The learning potential was high, not only for the artists who was selected to pitch, but also the audiences who got tips and tricks 

But it was especially the networking part who drew others to the session. Three years ago the musician Nanna Prip was there to pitch one of her own songs at a similar session. She said that she was back again in the audience because she was curious to hear what’s going on in the business but also to mingle with the participating supervisors. That this was the purpose for many of the audiences present was quite obvious when the official part of the session was done and the audience quickly gathered around the panelists for a chat. 

‘Pitch Your Music to The Music Supervisors’ fully lived up to its purpose. To give aspiring artists the opportunity to learn and create a network with some of the most seasoned profiles from the industry. 

Photo: Allan Niss